New Music: You Yang by Lost Animal

Lost Animal new album You Yang has been out for a week now so I should post something about it today, all my older posts about it are getting a few hits over the past week or so. Oh, don’t forgotten to check out my Classic Albums page about Ex Tropical too. I’m trying to do these New Music posts a bit quicker because it seems no one really looks at them if they’re a bit late but some of these new albums pages I’ve done like six months after it’s been out. Anyway I’ll get on with this new one now!

You Yang album really a great logical next step but nothing surprising different from the debut Lost Animal maybe even more beats than the first. Music it’s the same two or three piece line-up as the first one with Jarrod Quarrell as the main man off course, he is Lost Animal in the album credits with all tracks written by him exempt one is co-written with Shags Chamberlain, who on bass plus a few extras and third part is engineer/producer John Lee who’s guitar player again and extras too. Other players this time are crazy clarinet solo on Do The Jerk by Tarquin Manek, Kirin J. Callinan guests guitars on Massage For The Future with also Jaie Gonzales engineer/beats. Amy Franz and Erica Dunn are backing vocals on a few songs. Quarrall plays some wonderful and beautiful acoustic guitar on Cross The Water, organ solo on Take Care/Stay Safe and closest thing to a piano or just sounding like one here on Prisoners Island as well.

He did say somewhere he wanted to make it darker but I don’t know about that because it could sound more lighter or even happier sounding album musically. Then the lyrics themes are seem to be covering depression/Apocalypse, so I guess that’s dark bit but this time around are not ex-gf but some are just friends but the last track New Years Day is dedicated to Hannah Brooks. I think I’ve got to just rated four and half out of five 4.5/5 because it’s a really great follow up album but maybe just for the fact Lost Animal was so fully formed on the debut album Ex Tropical it’s pretty hard to top such a complete idea. Also got to say this might be a bit of a knee jerk recreation because I need to listen to things alot longer normal and I don’t know how reviewer do this after one or two listens because even after a whole week of listening I still think I need to hear it more to make the right call but I guess what I’ve been saying above is fine. Plus I got to say I really want to see these guys live soon, hope they make the trip over to the West sometime soon!

New video clip for Too Late To Die Young:


p.s. Here’s a pretty cool new mixtape too!


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