Wicked Songs: Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend by PVT

Wow! It’s finally here, new song by PVT, that’s Pivot or how you say that. It’s been over three year since the last album but today a new track pops up. It’s nine minutes long too! With that news comes of a new album next year too, called New Spirit with 11 tracks out on 17 February. Here’s the rest of the info if you wanna check it out and off course the pre-order for next year is here.

New Spirit track listing:

1. Spirit Of The Plains
2. A Feeling You Can Find
3. Salt Lake Heart
4. Interlude
5. Another Life
6. Fool In Rain II
7. Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend
8. Kangaroo
9. Murder Mall
10. New Spirit
11. Fake Sun In China

New Spirit album cover artwork. Design by Jonathan Zawada, who did the Flume’s album Skin album cover artwork too, can you tell?



I don’t know what I was hoping for as a new song but it’s OK. I only listen to it twice so far but I’ll post it up here because it’s been too long.


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