New Music: The Test by Civil Civic

That’s the album and here’s the new video too!

Right, I better post this one up and stop stuffing about with it. The album was released last month and again I’m late again. I’m always a rabbit in wonderland, I’m really not very good at this, hey? Well, it’s here now if you want to check it out. The second album by the Aussie duo called Civil Civic who are living oversea and touring Europe right now as I writing this, I should included the rest of the tour date at the end of the page too. They’re a wicked live band I seen them a few years ago now and would love to see them agian so hoping for an Aussie tour next year.

So the album itself is an eight track fuckin’ wonder, so dancingy and funky but you would called this band and label them in those category. I really don’t know why they’re not so fuckin’ huge it’s so catchy too maybe it’s the no singer thing, you still need words to be a big band in this day and age. It’s a pity because it would be a great patry record or whatever but if just one person is intro to them by my little write up here that would be fuckin’ great because more should like them. It’s just got to have a four and half out of five rating or 4.5/5 here on my blog thingy. Have a listen yourself all the links to the album and video are above. I really love this silly video interview were they say “people don’t like Rules or tests so why name albums after them?” or something like that, here it is if you wanted watch it.

BTW Chiso from The Drones was wearing a CC t-shirt at last night’s gig in Freo too.


Tour dates 2016:

05.11 FR Besançon – Passagers du Zinc TICKETS

06.11 CH Lausanne – Le Romandie – TICKETS

08-11 IT MONZA – Boccaccio TICKETS

09-11 IT SAVONA – Raindogs House TICKETS

10-11 IT CARPI – Mattatoio TICKETS

11-11 IT PERUGIA – Urban Club TICKETS

12-11 IT ROMA – Monk w/ Gold Panda TICKETS

13-11 IT PIAZZOLA SUL BRENTRA – Shockando Festival TICKETS

15-11 FR LYON – Le Sonic TICKETS

16-11 FR STRASBOURG – Hall des Chars TICKETS

17-11 FR GERARDMER – Le Grattoir

18.11 FR Metz – Musiques Volantes  TICKETS



23-11 FR PARIS – Point Ephemere TICKETS

24-11 FR RENNES – Condominium / 1988 Club TICKETS

26.11 UK London – The Victoria – TICKETS

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