Wicked Songs: What Do You Say? by Holly Throsby feat. Mark Kozelek

Wow, it’s the first new music for Holly Throsby in 5 years but when does Mark have the time to do anything else? He must live in a recording studio or something! He’s had two albums this year, one a collaborative with Jesu and then he sung his fave covers. Then two albums next year Sun Kil Moon double CD and a second album with Jesu which both have had two songs released each already also has done the Elliot Smith cover plus also the inspired Muhammad Ali and Lou Reed but Anti-Thump song. Holly has written a novel which I didn’t know, did you? It’s been published just this year and is called Goodwood. Now that would keep you busy, writing a novel? I’ve got to get that now before her new album comes out next year. I do wish more Aussie singer-songwriters would write books too. Enjoy!


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