Great Watching: Amateur Hour’s Holding The Tail starring Laura Imbruglia & Gareth Liddiard

Right, I’m going to try something different today and start the post with a non-music video clip and then go from there but it’s got a muso or two in it. Laura Imbruglia has albums out but my fave has got to be 2010’s The Lighter Side Of…

That’s it above if you wanted to listen to it plus off course you might know her big sister a little bit more well. Gaz has been included just once or twenty or more times here on the my thingy. If you don’t know yet he has one solo album and his band is The Drones too, if you’re new to this. Here’s him below playing his most well known song Shark Fin Blues just on an acoustic guitar

That’s the intros of the “Actors” so it’s for a show/website called Amateur Hour. As the little bit written about it on the page says: “Here we have Laura being trained in Aussie language by none other than The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard!”

Gareth Liddiard (right) and Laura Imbruglia

So if you’re from oversea or even if you live down here the Aussie language is a really funny thing. Aussie slang is what it’s mostly know as which can be totally different in parts of this country, off course this happens all over the world but I don’t know I think Aussies have taken to its extreme. Some is just using Cockney rhyming slang and then some have a whole history that can go back a hundred years or something but then some bits no one really know where it first started to be used but becomes more common used. Then one of these I’ve not heard before but it’s all pretty fuckin great. I love stuff like this and I do it all the time, even make up my own. Maybe it’s that dyslexic thing again, you know because you’re basically messing with the English language already. I’ll do my best now to translate most of the shit said in that above video for anyone who don’t get it or understand or whatever, OK?

“Pushing shit uphill with rice knife” is pointless or hopeless “pig’s ear” is Cockney rhyming slang for beer, “Cape Fear” is yet another one but you could make a huge list of other words used for beer because it’s endless. “Drongo” is fool or idiot etc. “Well, I didn’t come here to fuck spiders” you say after someone says something that’s totally obvious.  Interfering is “You’re the one fucking the pig, I’m just holding the tail.” “Suck me off with a yabby pump” is just simply very creative cursing, I think? “You bloody little Anzac, I wouldn’t be dead for fuckin quids” is happy to be alive. “Barry Croker” is shocker, “China plate” is mate, “laughing gear” is mouth but it should have say “dog’s eye” because that’s a meat pie so then “dead horse” is tomato sauce which just have to go together. “As dry as a Nun’s nasty” is really thirsty, “bend my elbow” is to have a drink and off course “as blind as a welder’s dog” is to get drunk as it could go on forever. They could have turn it into a feature film length and just keep the cameras rolling while they get “hammered and kill someone!”


  1. 🙂 Okayyy. Understand. For instance: Beer in german Bier = Plörre (speak : Plerra), Hopfenblütentee =hops-blossom-tea;

    and the order is: Lass ma luft aus die gäser = let the air out of the glases = bring on new beer

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