Playlist: Fave Zombie Songs

So The Walking Dead season seven midseason finale was just the other day and oh my fucking god! I love this show! Can it get any better? Hell yes it can!

So with without any spoilers on this page if you’ve not seen it yet I’ve just put together my fave zombie songs of all-time. I mean basically tracks with zombie/s in them and/or in the title, none of this tracks are even on the TV show. Maybe I should do a fave songs used in The Walking Dead playlist too at some point, would anyone like that? Anyway here’s my five faves now:

Fela KutiZombie (1976) so starting with most likely the greatest zombie song of all-time or just my fave. Which was released the year I was born too plus it was the title track from that album or it’s on his best of comp album too.

The CrampsZombie Dance (1980) from the album called Songs the Lord Taught Us or live clip from three years later.

Faith No MoreZombie Eaters (1989) from The Real Thing album.

C.W. StonekingThe Zombie (2014) is kind of newish song from only a couple of years ago from his album Gon’ Boogaloo.

HTRKEat Yr Heart (2011) might be pushing it a bit but it does work, I think? It’s from the album called Work (Work, Work).

They’re most likely a lot of songs I’ve missed here because that’s five but those are my total faves. So because that’s a really short post here’s just some more off the top of my head that I dig maybe just for the fact it’s got something to do with zombies.

Off course you got to have Michael Jackson‘s biggest hit from the 80’s Thriller. Is it funny he turned himself into a bit of a zombie looking person before he passed away with all his plastic surgery? Almost looking like his zombie character he play in this video clip, it’s sad more than funny.

Then 90’s Irish band The Cranberries biggest hittest song.

A little known or less so than the last two videos, Tom Petty late 80’s song from Full Moon Fever album with his song called Zombie Zoo.

Ramones did a soundtrack song for Stephen King’s Pet Cemetery. Maybe they’re more tracks like this because they’re a lot more movies based on his books but this one I really remember well.

With bands like say Cannibal Corpse, Misfits etc. are like horror movies on records so you could take your pick from their songs so here’s CC’s The Undead Will Feast.

So The Misfits song called Night Of The Living Dead.

Great dance techno music track called Zombie Nation by Kernkraft 400.

The 80’s American band The Hooters wicked song All You Zombies.

USA’s Psychedelic rocker Roky Erickson track I Walked With A Zombie.

Aussie Lisa Mitchell covering English Jamie T’s Zombie song.

OK, things I might have gone a bit silly and very random here now with all these tracks but I do like a lot of different music but what the hell have I missed? There must to be even more? Do you have a favorite zombie track not here? Or just know one/some I don’t know? Why not just add it in the replies?

Lucille that baseball bat!




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