Great Reading: Goodwood by Holly Throsby

Well, I’ve going try something a bit different today and write about a great new novel I’ve just finished reading this weekend. I know I say this only a music blog but does anyone out there think maybe I should write about a something else, sometime? Like say a new novel that I just finished? It’s kind of music related because it’s author is great Aussie singer-songwriter Holly Throsby debut book. So does that still count? Anyway maybe should throw in a great books once in awhile? I do read a bit it’s always never very quick maybe because of the dyslexia but for someone who couldn’t read at all when he was younger, I do love it now.

This is gotta be the best book I’ve read since A Fraction Of The Whole by Steve Toltz which I did only read at the very start of this year but it came out a few years ago. Both are so very Australian too, you couldn’t find two more Aussie books really. Throsby’s novel is a bit of a crime, maybe more mystery but it’s such a very Aussie who done it? A real page turner as they say, she would have got to have read her own fair share of crime and/or mystery novels before writing this too.

So without giving anything away it’s told from a point of view of a teenage girl growing up in a small town in country Australia. What I remember being a teenage growing up in a pretty same kind of country town, it’s pretty much right but I was a boy off course. The year in this novel when all this is happening is 1992 so it really couldn’t be much closer to that too. Goodwood is the name of the small town which is also the title of the book. Kind of just repeating what’s on the back the book here. Two people go missing a week apart from each other without a word from them both before hand. Rosie White is the coolest girl in town who’s just finished high school the year before and then Bart Macdonald is in 50’s and one of the most popular resident who’s a local small business owner, region councillor and happily married with adult children. So what happen? I think you have to get it and read it yourself, OK?


It seems I have no idea how to write about a book/novel or do a book review without giving away what the hell happens at all but I’m still going to post this silly writing of mine about this great writing of hers because someone who sees this might pick up the book now and have a great read too. It’s a five out of five novel for me and I didn’t guess the end and what happened too but can you?

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