Wicked Songs: Trust feat. Isabella Manfredi by Flume

So before the end of this year I’m going to post up just a few songs I’ve really dug this year but did not write anything on this blog so far, better late than never hey?

First up is most likely the biggest music act from Australia this year so never feel the need to post anything about huge artists but have done with some others so why not him? This song is out of everything he’s done and released my fave so far. Maybe, is it because Isabella Manfredi from the rock band The Preatures singing it? I don’t know? Maybe it does helps but I’ve been digging it more and more I listen to this one. It was only released last month on the Skin Companion EP and not on that Skin album from earlier in the year.

I loved The Preatures but they seem to have got pretty big too but check out their Shaking Hands EP before the big smash hit because it’s very underrated, it has just some great songs on it too. Maybe I should write about it sometime? Anyway I’ve included the YouTube clip above which someone has gone pretty nuts no there computer plus Soundcloud is below too if you just wanna play it without watching crazy moving shit on your screen. Both Manfredi and Flume are from Sydney, N.S.W. so it’s a natural meetup between these two and coming together here. BTW if I was a betting man I would bet Flume will win Triple J’s Hottest 100 this year. I guess I’m telling you nothing new here so this post might seem a bit pointless but I do like to putting all the new or this case newish track in my blogland.

Lime fuckin’ green is a great color too! 


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