Cover Versions: 2 Covers by The Young Gods & Mike Patton

Well, I’ve started writing about The Young Gods in my Classic Albums set but it’s not done yet and I was watching these covers too because I love Mike Patton as well and here he is with The Young Gods. Has everyone seen these yet or not? Or maybe not for awhile? My Cover Versions posts seem to be more popular that those albums that I’m championing here anyway so I should do these instead, hey? I do like writing about the albums the best so I’ll keep going that but I love covers and you guys seem to love them too! I should really write about my fave album with Mike Patton vocals too, maybe I will do that after The Young Gods one? What do you think?

Today’s post is the two cover songs which are both from a live show at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2005 which did have a full orchestra playing with them. The Young Gods invited Mike Patton along to join them on stage. Both these cover tracks have been on albums by The Young Gods before these live takes. Here the September Song is turned into a duet but was originally on The Young Gods Play Kurt Weill album and Did You Miss Me was from their debut self-titled album from 1985. The live version above Did You Miss Me here Mike take over as lead vocals from The Young Gods singer Franz Treichler. It belongs to Patton and is a perfect song for him to sing, he does really give a flying pig if it was written by a pedophile. It’s a co-written track by singer Gary Glitter and his producer at the time Mike Leander from 1973 but when under the title Hello, Hello, I’m Back Again. September Song was off course written by Kurt Weill who died in 1950 so that’s a very old song to say the least.

I’ll keep it brief today and hopefully you’ll look forward to the coming Classic Albums posts in the next few days with both these band/artist again. In the meantime I have strart a bit a database of Patton cover songs here, if you wanna check out him with Mark Kozelek doing David Bowie’s Win, Faith No More doing Bee Gees’ I Started A Joke and Faith No More doing GG Allin’s I Wanna Fuck Myself. But I can think a few more I need to add to this before it’s even close to being completed.



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