Cover Versions: Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire by Ed Kuepper

It should really be June Carter Cash because she did write the song but I guess Johnny made it famous by singing it. So I’ll just do one more Kuepper post today to go with The Bad Seeds/The Saints one earlier and after the few I’ve done in the last week. Well for the moment but I’ll do others sooner or later, you know? This is one and only cover he played live the other night, someone did call out Highway To Hell but he didn’t do that one, he did do his Ring Of Fire. I really should have written a post about this gig that I keep talking about in all of this week’s blog posts, hey?

It’s a really great cover, he’s totally removed from the country & western song it was. Could I say Ed’s cover is better that the original? Or will all redneck cowboys come and lynch me up one night? So he first did this in 1994 on his album Character Assassination as the second last song on that. It’s one of his best covers I do think, making it totally his own but does keep those classic horns on it. Off course the horns was missing at the live gig last weekend. So I did find a second version of Kuepper doing it live totally solo on a acoustic guitar from a couple of years ago now.

So what does everyone, anyone else think about his version of this very old song?


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