Playlist: When The Saints joined The Bad Seeds

Well, after my three Ed Kuepper posts and finishing with The Saints one yesterday what better way to kind-off do another related post with their number one super fan Nick Cave. When in the 2000’s both Ed Kuepper and Chris Bailey at different times briefly joined Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

In 2002 The Bad Seeds was in Melbourne to start recording a new album which became the much unloved and even at times the very hated Nocturama album. I don’t know what it is about the albums done in Australia but it seems more guest did pop up on them back then. That was to be the very last album recorded in Australia. The Bad Seeds recorded Murder Ballads and Let Love In in 90’s there and in the 80’s parts of the albums Tender Prey and Kicking Against The Pricks there too and guests are littered on those albums. Since then everything been done in the UK or France which is where both Nick and Warren live and are based now so why come to Australia other than tour and visit family and friends at the same time, I guess. Someone at the time said the song Bring In On sounded like a The Saints song so they invited Chris Bailey over to sing on the chorus.

Now I’ve include both the official video clip above which Cave himself promise never to do anything like it again. Everyone pretty much hate it because all the dance girls shaking their butts in it. So if you don’t want to watch that again below is the USA TV chat show that David Letterman did back then, both Nick and Chris do howling vocals.

 Then we skip to 2009 and founding member of The Bad Seeds Mick Harvey has just left the band so who better to play guitar to join but Ed Kuepper? I thinking about it in 2003 that was the last album or anything founding member Blixa Bargeld did before leaving The Bad Seeds. Anyway below is a 15 tracks on a playlist I made of some of the best songs done then by them. Ed did do the Aussie tour in 2013 too for Push The Sky Away too but he’s never played on Bad Seed album yet but both that one and the new one Skelton Tree is pretty much void of almost any guitar and would have been a wasted of Ed’s time. Maybe one day it would be great if Cave and Kuepper would sit down and see if they could write something together but it’s only Warren Ellis who does that at the moment. Maybe if those two guys will say one day let’s do a guitar album now maybe Ed with get the call but who knows if that with ever happen? This did happen Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with Ed Kuepper in full rock n’ roll mode:

Then we time travel to the late-70’s for the main image to The Saints playing at a gig in St. Kilda with Chris Baily flopped out on the stage but just above looking down in his denim jacket is Nick Cave in the crowd. Both do look so very young compared to those videos above.


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