Wicked Songs: Light Part II & Thronebreaker by DISPOSSESSED

DISPOSSESSED from what I can tell are the greatest newish band to come out of Australia for a couple of years so I should blog about them, hey? Yes it’s written in caps lock, if they could write their name with the blood of all white Aussies, I think they would. At the last show before taking to the stage they burned the Aussie flag, you know the shitty one with the UK jack in the corner of it, they lit it up in the beer garden at The Tote and told all the whites at the gig the were very lucky to be allow to stay and watch their gig.

Now I should say, if you don’t know anything and what I know are the basic facts: DISPOSSESSED are a hard-core punk/metal band who are Aboriginal and/or Indigenous Australia that are taking the most extreme form of music and with that stand against white Australia. They’re sick and tired of lack of anything being done surrounding any of the issues in this country around the original race on this island called Australia.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about? Maybe you are from oversea? But then again the lack of it featured in mainstream media is pretty non-existing. How can you really even live in this fuckin’ place and not know about even if it’s not reported in what suppose to be the press? Because you can’t be possible live here and not know about any of this? It’s your history, you have to know what’s happen and is happening right now and not take this white-wash BS! Say just a couple of days ago was Australia Day aka Invasion Day is what everyone I know it as now. It’s held on the day the English arrived in boats and then just taken this land only 229 years ago from the original owners. In the space of history of the world it’s not much.

Here’s now what it says from Wikipedia “26 January, it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip.” For a long time now a call has been echoing around this island to simply change the day because it’s suppose to be celebrate. This day and it’s for all Aussie’s but it’s the days the whites came and stole the land of the people who have been here from thousands of years. How can everyone suppose to celebrate that day? Myself, I refused take any part in it and it’s been like that for years now. You ask the politicians who run the show about this and here’s what the latest fuckwits said on that day “It is a debate everyone is entitled to have but it is not a change the Government supports.” PM Malcom Turnbull which is just totally rubbish. But then deputy PM Barnaby Joyce says “People say we’re going to change things around because it was invaded — give me a break.” was what he did say, basically confirming that fact and saying he knows it’s true but just not caring at all about it. Those quotes are as reported by the ABC on that fuckin’ day.

OK, so I might sound like I’m on a bit of a rant now but shit like this just totally fucks me off about this place where I live, that’s just one thing and the tip of the iceberg too. There’s a whole history most people don’t even know anything about. Anyway maybe the point is, I can totally understand DISPOSSESSED’s fuck you whites attitude and totally agree, not that they need me to but you know.

They formed in 2015 as a four pierce with the vocalist Harry Bonifacio but now just three with guitarist and vocals Birrugan Dunn-Velasco, guitarist Serwah Attafuah and drummer Jarrod Smith. The above songs are from last year’s debut album called INSURGENCY which is insane hard to find anywhere and I think must not be available anymore. Light Part II is the only thing I can find from it and then there’s the live song Thronebreaker too.

This year they’re set and going to record album number two, they did say last year that they’re recording it with a member from The Drones. Now at a guess here it’s got to be Gareth Liddaird. I can’t really confirm it, I guess but Gaz did post a couple of photos on his social media page working, playing maybe just jamming with DISPOSSESSED earlier this month. Here’s hoping it was that recording sessions for that new album and if not, I would love to hear want the hell that jam sessions sounded like. Anyway hope that new album is happening very soon and we get to hear a lot more from DISPOSSESSED real soon!


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