Cover Versions: 5 The Monks Covers by The Fall

So I’ve really been meaning to do this for awhile now. Putting all The Fall covers they done of The Monks songs in one simple place. Here’s what’s on YouTube and plus where to find them if you want them.

Higgle-dy Piggle-dy from Silver Monk Time double CD tribute comp album (2006)

Black Monk Theme Part I from The Fall album Extricate (1990) originally titled I Hate You

Black Monk Theme II from The Fall album Extricate (1990) originally titled Oh How I Do Now

Shut Up from The Fall album Middle Class Revolt (1994)

Higgle-dy Piggle-dy from Peel Sessions (2006) even if in the video says it says 2004, it’s not!:

That’s all The Fall covers of The Monks songs, one track twice just because why the fuck not? The Monks originals can all be found on the album Black Monk Time from 1966. I do love both these bands so one covering the other is pretty wicked in my book. I’ve written about both bands here on my blog before, The Fall playing live in 2015 and The Monks as a classic album last year. I’m still humming over what album to pick to for The Fall to go into that list of albums but it just might have to be more than one in the end but I promise to try and get one done by the end of this month, OK?

All the above tracks are from different years but the first time in 1990 they chose to do two songs on one album. That was just after the singer-songwriter Mark E. Smith did break up with his first wife who was also band member at the time too. What better song to sing after a divorce than I Hate You and then Oh How I Do Now. Then the last time they did one which was over ten years ago now so are we due for yet another cover? The Fall should just bite the bullet, recorded the rest of the songs from Black Monk Time and release their own tribute album. I’m just dream because that wouldn’t happen in a million but we do have these ones above.

Mark E. Smith by Anton Corbijn


  1. Kind of off-topic but I love Brix Smith (the wife who was in the band). Of course she rejoined the band for a bit in the 90s, at which point Smith’s new girlfriend Julia Nagle was also in the band. Who knows what the dynamic was there. MES was a bit of a scumbag to Nagle though IIRC (and probably to Brix too).

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    1. That’s cool. Did you see Brix has wrote her auto bio? I haven’t yet read it only was out late last year but would say it would be good. I did read Mark’s one from a few years, didn’t have nice things to say about any ex-members but it was like reading a book while drinking beers at the pub with him, he was pretty funny in his own way. Yeah, he’s most likely a bit of a scumbag in real life but I guess not everyone is mr. niceguy but I don’t think he would care. He does make great music and The Fall are a wicked great live band too! Have you seen them?


      1. I’ve not read the Brix book yet, it’s on my to-read list! I saw The Fall in 1999 when Julia was still in the band. They were pretty cool. Can’t imagine dear MES having nice things to say about anyone, ex-member or no.

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  2. This is really interesting. I don’t know anything about The Fall but I recently listened to Black Monk Time for the first time ever, and really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to getting into the Fall. Where would you start with them do you think? Is there an album that’s a good introduction?

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