Classic Albums: Horses by Patti Smith

It’s been a few days now so did you miss me or not? After the last post here with Peej. This one seems is like a real no brainer as they say but it’s a must. The debut album by Patti Smith must be on all and every greatest albums list ever made and if you don’t know it yet, I’m going to include on mine now. Horses could be the greatest debut album ever made too. It’s so full formed and perfect and now I’m starting to write about it here, I don’t know what the hell I can add to what has been written already?

I’ve just picked up her book called Just Kids today but I’ve just on the first few pages, maybe I’ll write something here after finishing it. It’s not really about this album but it’s around the time of it and is more about Patti and her time with Robert Mapplethorpe, who’s the photographer of this album cover. I got it on t-shirt actually, a little while ago I got it over east and I got to see the tribute show by other artists singing and playing this album in full a couple of years ago.

But now the Smith herself is playing over east I’m not going to make it over for it 😦 unfortunately it totally impossible and a week or so ago she has said it’s going to be her last trip to Australia. At the age of 70 she can’t see herself making it back down under ever again. So I’m a bit disappointed she not playing all the state capital cities and/or I can’t get over east this time for her, maybe I should shoot myself in the foot and go but it’s most likely already sold-out by now. I did get to see Patti live years ago, supporting Bob Dylan which was pretty amazing gig.

Now I’ve said all that, my own brief Patti history and once again my intro to her was that Rage TV show in my small country town cut of from the rest of the world. I still don’t know what still to say now? I guess I’m more than a little disappointed missing her this time, maybe pretending it’s not happening at all and now writing this I’m just making myself depressed because I can’t go and see her. If anyone wants to send me a free ticket now I wouldn’t say no and I’ll figure out how to get to it but that’s not gonna happen so I might just leave it at this before I say anything else. Sorry it’s not my best post and me just being pissed off about missing her live, really when have I ever reviewed anything like normal people?

It’s mid-70’s Rock and roll, Proto-punk and or Garage music, if you don’t know. Following  my six 70’s album posts of Lee “Scratch” PerryThe SaintsTom WaitsNina Simone, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie. Patti’s an American off course and I’ll let you figure out all the past ones I’ve blogged about, if you want to. Came out from the New York CBGB’s scene but all this is written else where if you wanna look. It’s number 44 on Rolling Stone mags 500, included 1001 Albums you should listen to book and almost every other music list every made too!

Now to sign off with I still love you Patti Smith even with want I’ve said above so who else loves her too?

Horses tracklisting and times:

1. Gloria – 5:52
2. Redondo Beach – 3:26
3. Birdland – 9:16
4. Free Money – 3:52
5. Kimberly – 4:27
6. Break It Up – 4:04
7. Land: Horses / Land of a Thousand Dances / La Mer (De) – 9:26
8. Elegie – 2:41


Here’s all my Classic Albums tagged in one spot or each post/album is linked below:

So this was the reason I started this blog. The idea is simply to write post about one of my favourite album each that I consider a classic album. Please leave a reply below about this album or any others because I would love to hear what you think about each album too? Cheers!

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