Great Watching: How To Punch A Nazi by Thor Harris + Wicked Songs: My Friend Thor by Angels Of Light

Today’s post is going to be a pretty simple one! I can’t stop laughing at this so I’m going just put it on my blog because the video now been uploaded to YouTube!

So after last month’s someone else’s punching of Nazi Richard Spencer, last week Thor Harris of the bands Swans, Shearwater and his own band called Thor & Friends. He post a how to video onto twitter and got banned for a few days but he’s back again now. It’s funny as fuck, if he doesn’t want to be a drummer anymore maybe he should be a stand comedian or something and do things like this. Anyway he does give pretty great advice to on how do this and really anyone who’s a nazi in this day and age should be punched in the face by everyone!

So because this is a music blog really, just above is Michael Gira‘s side project Angels Of Light with his song about the man himself. It’s from the album called Angel Of Light Sings “Other People” from 2005. I love this track it’s one of my favorites from that album and this is good reason to post it up here on my blog.


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