Classic Albums: Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood by DMX

Right I should stop pissing about and just pick some rap records now, hey? I’ve been try to pick my just one all-time fave album to start with but it’s just totally impossible, full stop. I’ve given up on that now and just going to include all the ones that really mean so much to me for whatever reasons, OK?

Starting today with DMX second album: Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood it was one of his late 90’s album which his debut came out earlier the same year like less than six months before or something. Then he followed it up with yet another album the next year too, wicked trilogy of records. He was never as big as some of the huge rappers from the 90’s but all those where number one albums on the charts and I’m an Aussie so you could say I know nothing about rap music at all. These write-ups about my fave albums come from a very odd viewpoint anyway, say in the 90’s growing up in a small country in Western Australia but by this point I’d moved to the big city, Perth but it’s more like a small country town with a couple of skyscrapers. Nothing like say DMX born Earl Simmons and growing up in 1970’s in New York, USA.

This would be a truly great hardcore east coast gangsta rap album, they’re a few that I really love that do fit into the category but not all rap I like is so gangsta. I’m not the biggest rap fan ever too but these are and going to be the ones that I totally dig and love. This is post chapter 52 now in my Classic Albums book and I’ve covered a lot in that time but because nothing in rap music so I’ve just got to cover a bit so I might just have to thrown in all my favorite rap albums or try to feature way more even every few posts of the next bit of time, OK? I highlighted a lot of styles of rock music like punk, post-punk, indie, grunge, funk, psych, noise, metal, folk, post-rock plus I have pick out all-time fave pop, blues, jazz, reggae, disco, electronic albums so far also got a couple of world music albums but I need to add more in all these of different style too and etc. I never liked talking in labels of music before but it does help doing something like this blog now. Anyway I think my point is I’m totally lacking in any rap, so far and I’ll start to make up for it now.

Back to DMX, sorry for getting side track please shoot me! Not to get totally side track straight away after saying that but because it’s the very first rap on my list here. You know, people say or I know a lot of people who say they don’t like rap from where I am and I always try and figure out why? The words seem a big problem, sometimes scary them away but I got to say the lyrics become even more important or even embedded in the music so much more that say rock music words. Maybe it’s all the fucks, niggas, whores, etc. but they could just be focusing on just the single word and not listening to the whole, it all becomes apart so much of the rhythm and rhyming.

Maybe it does glorifies violence where it shouldn’t be but here it’s so in your face, you know DMX is on this amazing album cover is standing in a bathtub of blood. I can’t see it that way but maybe white world do, it’s all too much for them to handle. Then again are they even listening really because with say tracks towards the tail end of the album like Heat, final track Ready To Meet Him and the hit single Slippin’ is pretty much about how he could died at any moment, even all the hardcore gangsta bravo is just about that really.

To me him was always really cool because he always had a cute little puppy dog or two back then but maybe because in the 90’s I had my own staffy dog too. We know now he’s not got a good record with his own pets, with dogfighting and animal cruelty which isn’t cool at all so here’s a photo of DMX with his dog but the two of them are eye-level and contract with each other.


Anyway I remember DMX really well then but I don’t where or when exactly I did get into him at the top my head right now. His albums output slowed down later but so does almost all artists. It was only recently I had re-buy it because my old copy somewhere when missing but really I’m digging it way more now than I did when it first was released.

Just got ask again now, who else loves this DMX album?

Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood tracklisting, feature artists & times:

1. My Niggas – 1:27
2. Bring Your Whole Crew –  3:40
3. Pac Man – 0:56
4. Ain’t No Way – 4:49
5. We Don’t Give A Fuck (featuring Jadakiss & Styles P) – 4:07
6. Keep Your Shit The Hardest – 4:48
7. Coming From (featuring Mary J. Blige) – 5:13
8. It’s All Good – 4:17
9. The Omen (featuring Marilyn Manson) – 4:56
10. Slippin’ – 5:05
11. No Love 4 Me (featuring Drag-On & Swizz Beatz) – 4:00
12. Dogs For Life – 5:31
13. Blackout (featuring Jay-Z & The Lox) –  5:00
14. Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood – 4:32
15. Heat – 4:07
16. Ready To Meet Him – 7:24


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too, enjoy!

So the idea here is simply for me to write a post about each of my favourite albums that I consider total stone cold classics!

Please do leave a reply below and tell me what you think about this album and/or artist or whatever you’d like to say about it?


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