Cover Versions: Adam Ants’ Physical (You’re So) by Nine Inch Nails

Look at this poster from mid-90’s and all that for only $22.50 

So that’s Adam & Marco live with NIN in 90’s but I’ll include the studio version and the original below too, OK? This post is in celebrating of Adam Ant’s Aussie tour and me getting my tickets today! I’m going to revert to being an 6 or 8 years old or whatever I was when King Of The Wild Frontier was released because he’s playing the whole album in full plus the rest of the hits, it’s not until October but I can’t wait!

Now last year on Adam’s birthday I wrote a post about that very album and told a story about how the hell I got my hands on his album back then without any pocket money to my name as a little tiny kid and then more too. I’m yet to write about my fave NIN album, it’s coming but I did do one about The Young Gods albums which I did think was a little like maybe the Europe version of them but it seems no one remembers or likes them the way I do because it’s my least popular post ever, the only people who’s looked at that is me. It’s a bit of a pity because they’re really great band too but maybe no fans of that band has found my blog yet but it’s link it here for any NIN fans who loves them too.

Anyway I’m getting sidetracked here again. So the footage in the live clip above isn’t the great but I guess you can heard pretty good. So finding the gig poster and also photo of Adam Ant, Marco Pirroni and Nine Inch Nails are all below too. Plus the two studio cuts of the same song. The Nine Inch Nails version in on the 1992’s Broken EP at track number 98 or something if you had the CD back in the day.

Backstage drinkings with Adam, Marco, Trent and the rest of NIN band at the time.

So here’s the original by Adam & the Ants back in the early 80’s:


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