Wicked Songs: Another Life by PVT

So Sunday’s post is two versions of the same new song by the Aussie band PVT (previously Pivot) with the official video and live performance video too.

The new album is out now and is their fifth album, New Spirit. I only listened to it once so far and does sound pretty cool but because of these videos I’ve listen to this track and little more and is a cool single. Maybe a little better pick guys than the nine minute track from last year, not that was a bad song or anything but a really long first single for a new album is a big no, no.

Anyway I’m so happy 🙂 it’s finally here, I first heard about them doing new stuff way back in 2015 so I guess it’s taken awhile to make. PVT are Laurence Pike, Richard Pike and Dave Miller originally from Sydney which I need to blog more about but I hope anyone, everyone enjoy it now it’s here!

Great little tiny interview with Richard Pike here too!


Anyway I was going to give up on writing about new albums posts this year because they’re my least viewed posts from last year, mainly I think I need to listen a lot before typing something. Maybe I’m being too quick to dismiss these posts. So who still wants my really late new music/album posts?


  1. I disagree! Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend is utterly amazing! Another Life is wicked, too. I love them both, but I think Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend creates that… magic atmosphere, you know?

    I want you to keep making posts about new albums!!!!!

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    1. Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend is not a bad song, don’t get me wrong, I do like it and even voted it my top ten for Triple J’s hottest tracks last year but I was just saying no one releases a almost ten minute as the first single. Then again PVT always do things different too.


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