Wicked Songs: Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle by Nirvana

Happy b’day Kurt! So here a few versions of that very same song: two live, two demos and final studio album one. Right, I’m been a bit slack when it to come to blogging about my favorite tracks unlike the albums so I’ve done my favorite Nirvana album there. Amazing to think now Kurt would have be 50 today, it’s all over the internet if having seen it yet? So it’s my fave track from the last studio album. I dug around on YouTube and found some live footage of the same song. At the very top of the page is from the last filmed gig in Italy but it’s not the best visual but the sound is fine. Next, below my writing here is an earlier live one film in America. Then is a Kurt’s solo demo, then instrumental band demo so that’s four versions of the same song by the same band today.

Making it five but hopefully you’ve got the In Utero album but here it is too, if not:

So the main image is the cover of the book by Frances Farmer which Kurt read or was it the movie he saw? Anyway I did find the book at a pre-loved or second hand shop, did read it too, totally recommend it to anyone, if you can find it somewhere? Off course it’s heartbreaking story! That’s cover of one I found years ago but should really be re-published with a big red star thingy saying “The subject of a major Nirvana song.”




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