New Music: Mars (Soundtrack) by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

A belatedly post today about my little view on the latest in a long line of pretty amazing soundtracks by this duo. By now you’ll know if you read my blog I’m fan and I love these albums, I’m going to call it an album not soundtrack from now on. Mars came out a the tail end of last year, it’s release came as streaming/downloading first then the real copy’s got caught in the record release dead time of Dec/Jan when the music industry doesn’t seem to put out much. Well, it does if your Nick and Warren. Now I blogged about the Mars Theme song as soon as it popped up and now it’s one of my most views posts, if you wanna know? Most likely by now everyone who would want to heard it would have by now. I did write a little about Cave and movies in my intro to the Hell Or High Water post too, if you wanna check it out too?


So what can I say here about this now? I have been enjoy this one even more than all the previous albums by the two of them, it could be even there best in my opinion. Mars did also played after the Bad Seeds gig last month and it seem to take forever to leave so it was great background music which everyone talked about him/show but I didn’t say anything at the time. Once again I’ve still not seen the visual that are or should go with the music but it’s been awhile since seeing any of them. I don’t know if that matters? Does it?

Cave’s got his vocals on the first and last tracks on the album, unlike a lot of their albums together are totally instrumental music. The final song is called Life On Mars without a question mark and NOT a David Bowie cover, after last year with Bowie passing away I did think when seeing it on the track listing it might be Cave finally singing a Bowie lyric. Not the case, it’s just like Mars Theme but almost four minutes long not under two like the theme. I’m guess these are opening credits and then the closing. The words are very Cave-ish and I just imagine all the families sitting down to National Geographic channel and hearing this, do wonder what they would think?

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra add the huge strings which does make it sound totally epic. It’s also got some electronic beats in parts, more so than ever before which I dig. Ellis does everything else, I guess and Cave adds his piano too. It makes for great listening and I don’t know if it’s just too soon to name it my favorite album by the pair but I tell you it’s getting pretty close. Recorded in both Brighton and Prague, if it matters but I like to know stuff like that so I say it here too for anyone else who’ll like to know.

Who wants me to still rant these new albums out of five or ten or whatever? I did read something lately that’s just lazy music writing and people just look at the numbers and nothing else so I might skip doing that from now on, OK?

Warren (left) and Nick (right) on Mars!

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