Wicked Songs: Weatherboard Man by Batpiss

So more new Aussie music today by the band called Batpiss, their new single Weatherboard Man is produced by The Drones’ Gareth Liddiard too. The video clip above shows N.T.’s capital city Darwin in the aftermath of Cyclone Tracy back in 1974.

Batpiss are a three piece from Melbourne, Vic. and the member names are Thomy Sloane on bass & vox, Pauly Portal on guitar & vox and Marty Baker on drums. Tour dates for March and April for all of the major towns in Victoria are below on the flyer too. No west coast dates yet, fingers-crossed sometime soon.


Album number three was in the works last year so it’s in the can by now. Weatherboard Man is the first taste and I can’t wait for more now!


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