Wicked Songs: Three Sins by Sodastream

Monday morning and even more newish Aussie music again. After not posting anything on the weekend I’m back, did you miss me or what?

Sodastream first new music in a very long time, Three Sins single has been out since last year but the whole album is here now which I’ve included just below too. I’m listening to it for the first time right now so I might as well share it here which anyone, everyone here too. The new album’s called Little By Little which seems to be the lyrics from the single Three Sins. 

Sodastream are from Perth and I do remember seeing them in the early days but they’re based in Melbourne now and have been so for a very long time. Little by Little album is their fifth studio album. The band is just the duo of Karl Smith and Pete Cohen playing what you would best call acoustic guitar folk rock and pretty mellow but after going on hiatus in 2007 they reconvened in 2013 this is the first new album for ten years or something. I do hope you enjoy they’re are back, even if you never heard of they before.





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