Cover Versions: Dire Straits’ So Far Away & Kris Kristofferson’s Help Me Make It Through the Night by Jack Ladder

Two more covers today after yesterday’s one, Thursday’s post is yet another Aussie singer-songwriter doing other songwriter’s tracks. I’ve been listening a lot to the new PVT album which I’m yet to write it about here as a whole album but I’ve featured both the songs  Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend and Another Life on my blog. Anyway Jack Ladder is credited for the albums’ layout and it’s been a couple of years since his last album so I when looking for what he’s been up to. It’s these two covers which I just have to post up here. Just last month he’s put up the Kris Kristofferson’s Help Me Make It Through the Night which is more well known sung by Elvis Presley and the list of artists singing it is as long as your arm. Then just last year he did Dire Straits’ So Far Away too.

I love both these versions, would have to say both totally are better the originals or perivous versions. I don’t think I’ll include them here, OK? Both are songs my dad loved and played a lot when I was a little kid, maybe that’s why like these covers better because I wouldn’t put those song on now. Like yesterday’s post I’m using the album cover artwork for the original by Dire Straits written by Mark Knopfler So Far Away is from 1985’s Brothers In Arms albumHelp Me Make It Through the Night is from 1970’s album Kristofferson by Kris Kristofferson then Elvis covered it the following year.

Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders have two albums and then Jack’s got two solo albums before the band join him. The Dreamlanders do included Laurence Pike (drummer for PVT), Donny Benet and Kirin J. Callinan which you might have heard of as solo artists themselves. I’ve got to write more about all these artists more here on my blog but I guess this tiny post might be a nice little intro to them, if you’ve not check them out before? Anyway I really do hope you enjoy these two covers as much as I did?



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