Live Gigs: Lost Animal @ Mojo’s

So far this year, just three months in now. This would be my most anticipated show of 2017. I couldn’t wait for this gig, well I’ve not seen him live yet so it’s always great seeing an artist perform for the very first time. It’s been a long time coming too, I don’t think I got the debut when it was just out maybe later a bit but it was after seeing/listening to the Lose The Baby video clip. I don’t know if he’s played Perth/Freo before but I missed it if so and I know for a fact I’ve missed out on couple of shows when I’ve gone over east in the last few years too. I don’t think he plays a lots of shows anyway but those ones over east was I missed one by days, it was just before my flight and the other one he was playing the same time/night as someone else.

Anyway I’ve finally seen Lost Animal and he didn’t disappoint too, I always say they could play for longer but not everyone is Sun Kil Moon and play for three hours plus. Jarrod Quarrell, that’s his real name you know? He played almost the whole new album (above) and a some for the debut album (below) too so I was a very happy camper last night. Wearing an Aboriginal flag singlet, short shorts but maybe not short or tight as Kylie Minogue’s, body covered in tattoos and his now grey long hair in plaited pigtails looking like a total rockstar of 2017 but unlike anyone else ever. Now I’ve write a few times before about Lost Animal so if you want to known more here’s the tags/links.

Now a just little about the support acts, three in fact. I should pay more a bit more to the local scene here in Perf. I think I really wanted move to Melbourne, I keep going over for trips every so often but it’s been awhile now. I pay way more attention to Mel’s scene and artists but I don’t know? So briefly, Reef Prince was the opening act at around 8:30 or something, now he looks like a hippie even if everyone in Freo looks like one but he was even wearing a tie-dye Grateful Dead t-shirt and his long dirty hair too but just rap like a white Aussie would. My fave track was the one where he sung “I’m Tony Soprano when I’m with you” in the chorus. Nicholas Allbrook ex-Tame Impala and now with the band called Pond made a guest appears and then played a solo set just before Lost Animal. Sorry to say he was very entertaining to watch but seem to be doing or trying to do his best Kirin J. Callinan impersonation musiclily. The best one out of the three or the one I liked the most was someone calling themselves Gum which is yet another Pond and Tame Impala member, real name Jay Watson. I’ve really got to check him out more now.

Then with Lost Animal all finishing just before midnight on Sunday so thank god it’s public holiday today because I’m stuffed, it’s been the best weekend for awhile so it’s was perfect finishing it like this. So thank you Lost Animal for coming here and playing last night, it was a wicked and great show!


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