Wicked Songs: Dream On by The Blackeyed Susans

Well, yet more new Aussie music again today for Tuesday’s post.  I somehow missed this being released last week so it’s a week old now. The video clip above and the album below which I’m only just listening to it now myself so I might as well share it all here too for anyone, everyone who’s interested? That painted eye on eyelids is pretty freaky or something, it does take a second to figure it out or am I a little silly?

It’s been along time in-between drinks for The Blackeyed Susans, yet another former Perth band who’s moved to Melbourne years and years ago. This is their seventh album, last time we heard from them was the 2009 best of retrospective collection called Reveal Yourself. Which I got to say I totally loved because I’ve somehow lost all the old albums so that was a three disc set and included not everything off course but a lot of stuff and pretty much everything I wanted really. They say it’s been over a decade on their website for a new album but the last one was 2003. I was saying the samely thing a week or two ago for the new Sodastream album. The new album title Close Your Eyes And See seems to be the lyrics of the lead song, video too. It’s even more mellow and chili than their past albums by what I can tell just after the first listen now.

The Blackeyed Susans are Rob Snarski on vocals, Phil Kakulas on bass, Fender VI, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals and lead vocal on Can’t Find The Moon, Kiernan Box on keyboards and harmonica, Mark Dawson on drums and percussion, J.P. Shilo on guitar, violin and backing vocals, Graham Lee on pedal steel, lap steel, guitar and backing vocals. With Matthew Habben on saxophone, Ken Gardner on trumpet, Adam Hutterer on trombone, Clare Moore on vibraphone, Dan Luscombe on OP-1, guitar, keyboards and backing vocals.

For anyone who not great with names The Blackeyed Susans have always been some of the greatest Aussie players with ex-members including The Triffids singer David McComb, Dirty Three and now Xylouris White drummer Jim White, Dirty Three and now The Bad Seeds’ Warren Ellis, guitar player with The Drones and producer/mixed this new album Dan Luscombe with minimal band credits here. Rob Snarski and Phil Kakulas have been the main guys in The Blackeyed Susans over the years. Kiernan Box is also in Augie March, Mark Dawson is pretty much Ed Kuepper fave drummer, J.P. Shilo also just working with ex-The Bad Seeds Mick Harvey new album which I wrote about just few days ago. Graham Lee nicknamed Evil was in The Triffids too and I did write about a 90’s classic Aussie album here at the start of this year called Where Joy Kills Sorrow which he co-producer. Off course they all done other things too but that gives you a little run down and idea who everyone is?


The Blackeyed Susans 2017 Tour Dates:

Sat 1 April @ Republic Bar, Hobart, TAS
Sat 8 April @ Corner Hotel, Richmond, Melbourne VIC
Fri 19 May @ Lizotte’s Restaurant, Lambton, Newcastle, NSW
Sat 20 May @ Leadbelly, Newtown Sydney, NSW
Sun 21 May (matinee) @ Leadbelly, Newtown Sydney, NSW
Fri 26 May @ Mojos, Fremantle WA
Sat 27 May @ Badlands, Perth WA
Fri 9 June @ Bearded Lady, Brisbane QLD
Sat 10 June @ Bearded Lady, Brisbane QLD
Sat 29 July @ The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide SA
Sun 30 July (matinee) @ The Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide SA

So got to ask everyone, anyone who’s digging the new Blackeyed Susans as well?

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