Playlist: Fave Summer Songs

Right now in Perth Western Australia summer is not really finishing up but seems it’s just getting going, March and April is normally when it should be cooling down but it’s just not doing that. The weekend just gone was insane and this week is in still in the 30’s which is a little down from the weekend. So I’m making a bit of a not really neverending summer playlist from Wednesday’s post but everyone in the northern hemisphere who’s got winter going on you can pretend it is or it can be you can’t wait for summer playlist.

On this weekend gone I meet a girl from California who’s traveled here because she can’t get to much summer and she a totally tanned surfer blonde with home made tattoos too. Not my kind-of woman really but because she was so cool you couldn’t not but help to like her. So anyway here’s all my fave summer songs inspired by someone who loves it, basically songs with just summer in the title. Starting out with chill out tracks and getting more hyped by the end, hopefully it’s got a good flow or something to it. Enjoy!

Summer Eyes by The Young Gods

Summer Painter by Bill Callahan

A Summer Song by Chad & Jeremy

Summer Dress by Red House Painters

Summer In Siam by The Pogues

Summertime by Nina Simone

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey

Summer Days by Bob Dylan

Hell Of A Summer by The Triffids

Summer High by Magic Dirt Feat. Rowland S. Howard

Some Summers They Drop Like Flies by Dirty Three

Summer Is Forever by St Helens

Summer Wino by Dan Kelly and The Alpha Males

 Summer Wine by Clare Bowditch & Ed Kuepper

The Lords Of Summer by The Mark Of Cain

Summer Of Pain by Witch Hats

Summer Cannibals by Patti Smith

Die In The Summertime by Manic Street Preachers

Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective

Summer Here Kids by Grandaddy

Summer (Priority Version) by Mogwai

Feel Good Hit Of The Summer by Queens Of The Stone Age

Summerholidays Vs. Punkroutine by Refused

Summer Rain by Belinda Carlisle

So that’s 25 tracks, if I can count right? It could go forever really but I had to stop somewhere. It’s a mix of the promo video clips, live footage/recordings and the songs lifted from albums. Hopefully a bit mix of a lot of stuff, something for everyone maybe? But what did I miss then? What’s your fave summer songs too?

Walkway to Trigg Beach, just down the road from me so I guess it’s my fave Perf beach too.

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