Shall Be Released: Lovely Creatures The Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (1984-2014) + Playlist

A couple of days ago now, a brand new best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds was announced so I’ve got to say something about it here on my blog for my Thursday’s post, off course. Any new the best of are kind off totally pointless really in this day and age where anyone can stream stuff and make playlists, see bottom of this page if you just wanted listen to the tracks on this and not really wanna read about me rabbiting and hopping on about Cave and his Bad Seeds again. Now after writing this blog for awhile I’ve written I think more about them more than anything else. They’re my most popular posts, I guess too. After saying best of are pointless I do seem to have a lot of them plus love making playlist is really just like making mixtapes, I remember making them and I should blog about them one day. I was going to do a post about each of or all my fave Cave tracks, who still wants me to do that?

Off course it’s not the first best of from him/them, in 1998 came that one after The Boatman’s Call album. That’s was the tenth album and now they’re up to sixteenth but it’s not included anything from last year’s new album this. So it’s only five more albums in that time. Interesting the only song not making the cut second time around is the PJ Harvey duet Henry Lee. He’s slowed down a bit but one album was a double, two Grinderman albums happened in that time and all the soundtracks with Warren Ellis does seem to taking on more and more time for them too. It’s out on 5th May 2017, it’s going to be a almost mid-year release. Just below is a little clip about it, I guess it’s an ad and then Cave’s own note or afterword.

Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds was initially scheduled for release in the autumn of 2015. Thirty years or so had passed since the band had formed and much had happened during that time – the band morphing into as many versions of itself as there were albums to reflect this. It felt, to me, a good time to pay tribute to this unique creation.
The release of Push the Sky Away in 2013 felt, after so many reinventions, not just another incarnation but the throwing open of the doors to a new way for us as a band to make music. I read Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard’s diary-essay that completes the text for the book and I remember those times in all their creative joy, but from a great distance; for time and sudden fate had since created a different person to inhabit this old skin. Time became ancient history in a heartbeat as circumstances beyond my control took hold. It then became imperative and a matter of great urgency to make a new record and allow this different person to speak.
The Bad Seeds made Skeleton Tree in Paris towards the end of 2015 – in a strange, raw and different present. Whatever Skeleton Tree became, it was a wholly necessary addition to the band’s story. Lovely Creatures lost, for a time, its place in the narrative. Now, it seems the time is right to recognise and celebrate the Bad Seeds and their many achievements. So here, at last, it is: Lovely Creatures.
Lovely Creatures Afterword by Nick Cave

If I get any of the three or four versions of the same release it would have to be the deluxe one. It’s the limited edition box set containing the 3 CDs (45 tracks), two-hour DVD featuring live performances, rare footage and interviews. With a 256 page hardcover book containing original essays, candid and personal photos taken by the band, family and friends, and reproductions of band memorabilia. Only buying it really for the huge book and maybe DVD because I’ve got all the albums/songs.

Lovely Creatures The Best of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds (1984-2014) tracklist:

CD1: 1984 -1993
1. From Her To Eternity
2. In The Ghetto
3. Tupelo
4. I’m Gonna Kill That Woman
5. The Carny
6. Sad Waters
7. Stranger Than Kindness
8. Scum
9. The Mercy Seat
10. Deanna
11. Up Jumped The Devil
12. The Weeping Song
13. The Ship Song
14. Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
15. Straight To You

CD2: 1994 – 2003
1. Do You Love Me?
2. Nobody’s Baby Now
3. Loverman
4. Red Right Hand
5. Stagger Lee
6. Where The Wild Roses Grow
7. Into My Arms
8. People Ain’t No Good
9. Brompton Oratory
10. (Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For?
11. Come Into My Sleep
12. Love Letter
13. God Is In The House
14. He Wants You
15. Shoot Me Down

CD3: 2004 – 2013
1. Hiding All Away
2. There She Goes, My Beautiful World
3. Nature Boy
4. Breathless
5. Babe You Turn Me On
6. O Children
7. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
8. Night Of The Lotus Eaters
9. We Call Upon The Author
10. Jesus Of The Moon
11. More News From Nowhere
12. We No Who U R
13. Jubilee Street
14. Higgs Boson Blues
15. Push The Sky Away

1. Interview, 1988
2. Night Of The Lotus Eaters, 2008
3. Red Right Hand, 1998
4. The Weeping Song, 2001
5. Interview, 2013
6. Higgs Boson Blues, 2012
7. Interview, 1987
8. From Her To Eternity, 1984
9. Love Letter, 2001
10. Interview, 2013
11. Do You Love Me?, 2001
12. Interview, 2001
13. Into My Arms, 2008
14. We Call Upon The Author, 2009
15. Interview, 1991
16. The Mercy Seat, 1996
17. Interview, 1984
18. God Is In The House, 2001
19. Interview, 2013
20. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, 2008
21. Brompton Oratory, 1997
22. I’m Gonna Kill That Woman, 1986
23. Jubilee Street, 2013
24. The Ship Song, 1992
25. Interview, 1994
26. Loverman, 1996
27. Interview, 1988
28. In The Ghetto, 1984
29. Hiding All Away, 2004
30. Interview, 1992
31. Where The Wild Roses Grow, 1995
32. Deanna, 2008
33. O Children, 2013
34. Interview, 1996
35. Stagger Lee, 1996
36. Interview, 2014
37. Interview, 1985
38. Push The Sky Away, 2013
39. There She Goes, My Beautiful World, 2004


Now pretty much yet another playlist of all the songs on the four CD/DVD:

So that’s mix of the promo videos, live versions, tv show appears and track lifted straight from the albums so basically you or I don’t have to buy it but I will, how about you?

 Even if there is a huge list above I’ve made my own top 50 tracks in a Spotify playlist last year too which might be a little different this year. I’ve only done two of my fave tracks with The Weeping Song and Abattoir Blues so far as blog posts for each of those tracks but who would like me to feature more, just one single track on a blog post?


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