Cover Versions: Marc Almond & Nico’s Your Kisses Burn by Mark Lanegan & Beth Orton + Wicked Songs: Nànnuflày (feat. Kurt Vile & Mark Lanegan) by Tinariwen

So yet another double whammy for Sunday’s post and more Mark Lanegan, it’s turn into a Mark weekend in my blogland. Anyway as I was saying in yesterday’s post, I missed the news of Lanegan’s new album and it seem I missed this last year too, did you too? So it seems like a great one from today’s post. A cover duet done by not one but two of my fave singers Mark Lanegan and Beth Orton, doing an old 80’s song by two great singers Marc Almond and Nico. I’ve just got to posted it up here because I’ve just got to add it to all my other fave covers here on my blog, it that cool! It was released by Heavenly Recordings for, I don’t know why really? But Mark’s on that label now and Beth was on it a few years ago.

A little of about the original track now, Almond was from the early 80’s synth pop band Soft Cell and Nico most well known from her appears on The Velvet Underground debut in the late 60’s. Your Kisses Burn seems to be one of the last recordings Nico made before her death. Almond still around today and Beth had great new album Kidsticks last year, did you heard Mark’s got a new one at the end of April? I’ve added some of my fave VU & Nico album covers already there, if want to check them out?

Now off course, I’ve got to included the original track from Almond’s solo 1988 album called The Stare We Are. I’ve got to thrown in the lyrics too after the clip too.

Your Kisses Burn lyrics

You make a fire
Here in my heart
Your kisses burn me
Sending sparks
Auras fade
Charisma pales
Your kisses burn
They scorch my soul
And world without end
Through tempest and storm
Your kisses my fire
Your love keeps me warm
When your kisses burn
Why are my lips like ice?
I’ll make a fire
There in your heart
Made not of love
But only hate
And for the fuel
Will be your soul
An inferno
To consume you whole
And world without end
Through tempest and storm
My soul be your fire
To keep my heart warm
With my touch
I’ll freeze your heart
Your kisses burn
The tides will turn
You brand your promise
On my tongue
I’ll kill you
With this final fire
And lead you to
Your funeral pyre
And world without end
Through tempest and storm
My soul be your fire
To keep your/my heart warm
I will take your very soul
Your kisses my fire
Your love keeps me warm
Your kisses my fire
Your love keeps me warm
I will take your very soul


So the second part of Sunday’s post starts here:

Tinariwen has just released a new album last month called Elwan and I’ve just found out Mark made a cameo appears on the above track at the tail end of it. Both these two tracks today are somewhat duets so they kind-of go together, maybe? Well, they do on my blog. I’m humming about a Mark album to include in my Classic Albums tagged posts but now really both Beth and Tinariwen need to be included on the ever growing list of my fave records. I hope everyone, anyone enjoyed the Lanegan weekend here?


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