Classic Albums: After School Session by Chuck Berry + Remembering: Chuck Berry

So it’s the Monday blues and original rock n’ roll with the just departed great Chuck Berry at the age of 90 years old. Today’s post to be tagged in two categories after reading the news yesterday and I don’t know if I can really add anything to all the tributes and obituaries written since his passing, maybe I’ll just focus on my remembering of listening to his music of the years. Already posting my post now is 24 hours or is it 48 hours late? I don’t know but Chuck really needs to be included in my pile of Classic Albums. So my pick of his record is and always would be his debut album After School Session from 1957, only the third record from the 50’s after easy-listening Frank Sinatra and country & western Marty Robbins which was the fifth and twelve posts included in that pile so it’s been along old while since and now revisiting that decade.

This was an old record from my old man’s collection, he love all those old roll n’ rollers and/or blues guys. It was re-pressing from the 70’s or something, I’ve still got some of his old records in a box under my bed but one ex-gf did give away a large part at some point but I think I’ve still got this one, I’ll double check that and they was two or three or four other Berry records in it too but After School Session was always my fave LP. My dad always moaned about his recording sound saying something Chuck always like save a buck and not shell out too much in the studio, I don’t know if it true or what and maybe that’s not good thing say after his passing but to me nothing was wrong with his sound but I don’t like such a clear cut studio sound as my dad does. It’s a really muted somewhat can I call it fucked up sound on this album?

It’s Chess Records second LP released ever too, recorded over Berry’s first half a dozen sessions and then some were used earlier as B-side for 7″ single and off course the A-side Too Much Monkey Business but the B-side was amazing Brown Eyed Handsome Man which would be the most well know track from this record. Too Much Monkey Business was a totally fave song as a little kid, I liked dancing to it doing my best monkey impression but thrown Chuck’s crazy duck walking thingy too, like some kind-of monkey duck.

My nickname in high school was Chuck too but nothing really to do Berry and it’s not about vomiting too maybe sometime I’ll get into that but not now, no ones called me that for years now. I’ve not be back to the small country town I grew up and only a couple of us escape from there. Those records of my old man’s was a bit of an escape without leaving just yet, I was just a little kid. Before discovering music for myself a little later, I loved those records of his and I guess still do. I think I might go into a little more detail in the C&W Marty LP post.

One more thing before finishing off, they’re most like millions of covers of Chuck Berry’s songs but my fave is well, actually maybe I should save that for tomorrow, OK? Anyway does anyone, everyone have fave album/s or just song/s? Please do leave a reply if you wanna if you wanna let me know, OK? Or just who else loves a bit of Chuck Berry music?

After School Session track listing and times:
All tracks written by Chuck Berry.

Side One
1. School Days – 2:43
2. Deep Feeling – 2:21
3. Too Much Monkey Business – 2:56
4. Wee Wee Hours – 3:05
5. Roly Poly – 2:51
6. No Money Down – 2:59
Side Two
1. Brown Eyed Handsome Man – 2:19
2. Berry Pickin’ – 2:33
3. Together (We Will Always Be) – 2:39
4. Havana Moon – 3:09
5. Downbound Train – 2:51
6. Drifting Heart – 2:50


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too!

So the idea here is simply for me to write a post about each of my favorite albums that I consider total stone cold classics!

Please do leave a reply below and tell me what you think about this album and/or artist or whatever you’d like to say about it?


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