Cover Versions: Chuck Berry’s Downbound Train by The Drones

Well, off course my fave Chuck Berry cover is by the Aussie band The Drones. I’ve got the studio album and live gig versions here today. It’s the second last track on his After School Session album which featured in yesterday’s post so their cover is my Tuesday’s post. It was the third track into The Drones debut album called Here Comes The Lies from 2002. It’s amazing to think in 1957 Berry wrote and recorded it but then a few decades later a band from Australia re-do it.

Chuck’s two and a bit ditty is turn into a seven minute epic. If you never seen The Drones live sometimes on rare occasions they still thrown it in at a gig but it seems now even longer with mad feedback guitar solos included too. I remember the song from Chuck’s album but because it was a really drinking song and I was a little kid then and they don’t drink. When I heard The Drones debut album whenever that was and do love a great drinking song now when maybe I’m not drinking as much as I was when I was younger as a teenage or in my 20’s or whatever. So above is the album version of the cover and then below is a live one from a few years ago starting with The Drones own track I Don’t Ever Want To Change from the Gala Mill album then serge into Downbound Train which is always towards the end of their live sets, if it does happen.

Warning: the sound is pretty shit but it seem like the only live recording of the track on YouTube, I’ll dig around a bit more and see if I can find something else but it does give you some idea how noisy this band can be live.


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