Great Watching: The Drones Live @ The Tote 2016


So Wednesday’s post has to be this, just uploaded today to YouTube is full gig recorded last year in HD at the Melbourne pub The Tote. The Drones leader Gareth Liddiard called this venue their spiritually home when these shows were announced. The set list mainly is the songs from the new album from early last year called  Feelin Kinda Free but they’re some great oldies thrown in, I off course was at the Perth verison on the same tour at the Rosie which was, I think if I remember right the very same setlist that night too.

The Drones @ The Tote on 29/05/2016 setlist:

Private Execution
Taman Shud
The Minotaur
Then They Came For Me
To Think That I Once Loved You
Shut Down SETI
I See Seaweed
Six Ways To Sunday
I Don’t Ever Want To Change
I Am The Supercargo
River Of Tears

The Drones line-up is:

Main vocals and guitar: Gareth Liddiard
Bass guitar and vocals: Fiona Kitschin
Guitar and vocals: Dan Luscombe
Drums: Christian Strybosch
Keyboards: Steve Hesketh
Backing vocals: Erica Dunn, Amanda Roff, Quinn Veldhuis

Gareth (left) and Amanda cuddly fox terriers outside The Tote last year .

 So that’s two The Drones posts in a row plus the kind-of one on the weekend too so I promise not to do anything on them for a little while and then plus something totally different tomorrow, OK? Enjoy!


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