Classic Albums: Body Language by Kylie Minogue

So it’s been a couple days but I don’t think anyone has noticed I’ve been missing? I got kidnapped by aliens on an UFO but I don’t think anyone will care about that at all!

I totally love Kylie and I don’t really care what anyone else think. She not normally on lists like these which isn’t right, maybe pop albums types. So my Saturday’s post I have her total pop masterpiece or curve ball, depending maybe of point of view. Now it’s 60 records here in my Classic Albums tagged set today and the 21st Aussie artist album too. Pop music not something featuring a lot in my own list really so this one is just one of my faves. I’ve come close with Grace Jones but that’s more disco, Prince funky soundtrack and maybe indie pop of Björk but it’s Adam And The Ants 80’s English new romantic album which the closest until now with Kylie’s full-on total pop.

To me this her landmark album and everything she did before this saw like building to this epic and it after didn’t get to the highs of this album again. She done and try different style of pop music over the years but this just like she plateau here on the 2003’s Body Language album, it’s her ninth record too. I don’t know if it is any better or worse really because it’s all pop music is made to be popular but there is something about this album, I’ve try to figure it out before and I don’t think I still have an answer, I just plainly love it more than anything else Kylie’s done. And I’m included the Nick Cave duet here too, anyone who follows this blog will know I love that man to much. This album came after her biggest hit single ever Can’t Get You Out Of My Head from the previous album Fever and then after this album in 2005 came her cancer scare which she did beat but did seem to make her less creative musically.

I did get to see her live once on 14th of March 2015 on the Kiss Me Once tour at the Perth Arena, Kylie was fuckin’ amazaily too. I drank way too much by the end of the night but do remember the show, she was really funny and cute with her stage banter. My sister was bitching about all her friends will not go with her to Kylie, she seen her before but really want to go again but nobody would go with her. So I was listen to her moaning, I said why don’t you ask me? She looked at me like I was crazy, not the first time she done that but we when together and it was so much fun. We go tickets right up the back because it was like buying them on the day of the show but it was so cool gig. Kylie did one song at that show from this album which was the single Slow, those three singles are my fave of all her songs but I do love the non-singles tracks too and I think it would have to be Someday song if I just had to pick one.

In Australia it’s not very cool really to like her if you’re not a big fan, it’s the tall poppies thing again. Aussies kind-of hate successful people unless it’s their sport team, oversea success is most likely the worst too. I remember when she was acting doing that TV show when I was a kid, then my mum was a dance teacher when Kylie was just started out as a singer so all those earlier singles was played in her classes and then at home so I have a sweet spot for her since then but in my opinion this is her greatest album.

The songwriters included a huge group including Cathy Dennis, Dan Carey, Emiliana Torrini, Johnny DouglasMantronix etc. plus the songs themselves do contain a lot of references to songs from the 80’s, can you spot all of them? Researching from this post I found that Scritti Politti singer of the British post-punk band  collaboration with her, the band’s frontman Green Gartside who provides vocals on the track Someday and then Kylie did say:

To this day I haven’t met him! I left a message on his answering machine, saying, “Hi, it’s Kylie! I just wanted to say thanks so much! You sound brilliant!”

So that might be a good place to now sign off for today but who else loves this album? If you never listen go on I double dare to, it’s a great Sat nite record too, you know? So what’s anyone/everyone’s fave Minogue album or just song/s?

Body Language tracklisting and times:

1. Slow – 3:15
2. Still Standing – 3:40
3. Secret (Take You Home) – 3:17
4. Promises – 3:17
5. Sweet Music – 4:11
6. Red Blooded Woman – 4:20
7. Chocolate – 5:01
8. Obsession – 3:31
9. I Feel For You – 4:20
10. Someday – 4:18
11. Loving Days – 4:27
12. After Dark – 5:12


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too!

So the idea here is simply for me to write a post about each of my favourite albums that I consider total stone cold classics!

Please do leave a reply below and tell me what you think about this album and/or artist or whatever you’d like to say about it?


  1. I always thought Kylie was quite sweet! ( I used to watch “Neighbours” when she was in it) I loved the duet with Nick Cave-very different to what she had been doing-great post! : )

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