New Music: After A Time by Holly Throsby + Live Gigs: Throsby @ Babushka + Cover Versions: Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game by Throsby with Clare Bowditch

It’s April’s Fool Day but it’s no joke! It’s just most likely my longest blog post title ever and yes all three are just in this one post for Saturday morning. So in brief I’m really enjoying Holly’s new album and last night was the final night of her Aussie tour so I think I’ve start with the gig, OK?

Now the venue has got a new name but it’s just up stairs at the old Leederville hotel or whatever the hell they call it now? I remember this place when I first moved to this city, it was one of the endless local pubs that was a total shithole. Now it’s a fucky place young hipsters hang out, downstairs is pretty much now a terrible nightclub but on a good or bad night I should say I can hear it a few blocks away where I now live.

Anyway after a couple of beers Holly and Tim Kevin, the producer of the new album is playing as a duo last night. Starting with a few songs from the new album and then playing something from all the old albums, a pretty much a complete setlist so great seeing these song live after so long. Her on stage banter was great too, talking about selling out her newish book Goodwood in Melbourne on the date before coming to W.A. but she pleased she didn’t drag a heavy suitcase of books over here. Holly did say she wants to start to write another book as soon as she get’s home from this tour. What else? Well, Holly talked so much in between songs I can’t possibly repeat everything here.

Oh, I’ve got see if I can remember her Mark Kozelek aka Sun Kil Moon story she told. Now this becoming a bit of a urban myth but the very last time Mark played Perth in 2015 he did play this song so it does exist but Holly told her side of this tale. In 2005 Holly was supporting his Aussie tour, he’s a bit of a music hero for her. It was her first gig outside of her hometown Sydney and the first show was in Perth actually too and Mark was touring with his then girlfriend at the time but she caught Mark checking out Holly’s butt and those were his lyrics too. It’s a pretty funny song really because chorus is Mark singing about Nando’s Chicken too. Holly was saying didn’t take offense to it but asked him last year to sing a new song she wrote called What Do You Say? and last night Mark was missing but Tim filled his boots after she told her side of the tale.

Thank you Holly for such a great gig, I was going to say go and see her live if can but that was the last date of the tour so maybe next time then.

I really do think this new album called After A Time release now couple of months ago is Holly’s best. Just four months now into 2017 it could be the best album of the year, the one I’ve enjoyed the most so far and that’s even better than Sun Kil Moon new album. If you’re reading my little thing here please hit play and have listen if you’ve haven’t yet.

Now I’m never really know what to say about new stuff maybe the only bad thing is it’s a bit short after five or six years with no new music but her book is bloody great too and if you’ve looking for something new to read please check it out too, it’s right here.


Now a cover to finish of with and she played it last night live too. The last time I wrote about Holly on my blog I included a cover she did of the Red House Painters song from Triple J’s like a version a few years ago. Now singer/actress Clare Bowditch has got her own radio show on ABC Radio Melbourne. She does a kind-of duet with an artist each week but I think Holly on Monday the 27th of last month now just topped everyone who’s appeared with yet another moody male singer-songwriter track. This time it’s most likely Chris Isaak’s biggest hit not some indie artist most people have never heard of. Not bothering to do what most female singers do covering a song wrote by a bloke, changing the her to him in the track. Off course Holly’s a great advocate for marriage equality in Australia, if you’ve not yet read this article please do. That was wrote in 2013 and still now in 2017 it hasn’t happen, it’s really beneath Aussies but the politicians are totally useless in this country.


Who else loves Holly’s new album? Did you get to see her live earlier on this tour? Or did you just like her Chris Isaak cover?



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