Great Watching: The Cat Piano + The Lonely Giant + Steve McQueen by Nick Cave

After reading Nick’s unmade screenplay on the weekend, I had a look for a couple of his short films and just sharing them here because I’ve not yet. Have you seen these before or not? Plus adding more to my own little online Nick Cave collection here. It’s nothing really new because The Cat Piano is from 2009. The Lonely Giant was not really a short film, is just a reading of Cave’s very last thing he wrote for a adult kid’s book late last year.

So The Cat Piano was an animation short film by directors Ari Gibson and Eddie White with the poem written by White and readed by Nick Cave. It was in-between the albums by The Bad Seeds’ Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! and the debut Grinderman album or if you wanted count the composed soundtracks with Warren Ellis, John Hillcoat Cormac McCarthy novel adaptation The Road starring Viggo Mortensen was out later that year too. Made by a company in Adelaide called The People’s Republic of Animation (PRA). I off course love this little film, what do you think about it?

Next is an even shorter little video of The Lonely Giant from 350 page book project called Stories for Ways & Means and does feature another 28 artists with illustrations to go with the poems/short stories. I never did end up buying the book yet but maybe I should really, I’m a fan of some but not all the writers and artists, it’s very pricy too but it does look totally amazing too. That’s Bubs from the TV show The Wire or his real name is Andre Royo off course, reading Nick’s little tale. Do you like that one too?


I included this in yesterday’s post at the end too but not in the post title but why again today? The Steve McQueen spoken word poem from the doco One More Time With Feeling, I’ve got to get it today. So did say nothing is new here, this popped up on youtube couple of days ago but the doco is now available to buy on DVD/downloading. If you can’t tell by now I’m just riffing in these blog posts, making it as I go along. Do you want me to start talking about what I’m eating for breakfast, taking photos of it? No, that’s a bit boring.

I guess this one should be at the top really being it’s the newest but I kind-off like it like this, say it’s his last eight years of short films, readings, poemy things in chronological order. Now off course The Sick Bag Song book was just one long thing like that but I’ve done a post about that already, who wants me to re-read his novels again and write something about here on my blog sometime? This one could the best of all three really or is it just the fact love Steve’s movies, I don’t know but does it matter?

Anyway I hope whoever enjoys these because I most def do!


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