Wicked Songs: Bravado by Kirin J Callinan

Right, some new Aussie music for the weekend by the wonderful and wicked Kirin J Callinan, that was out this week but because I was going overboard with some of the out there craziest punky LPs the whole time. So if you missed this a few days ago here it is today on my blog for my Saturday’s post. Now Kirin, do you know of him? Or if you don’t know him? He’s one of the most bizarre Aussie singer-songwriters currently working right now but it’s been a few years since his last album. His name did pop-up about a month ago here when I posted two Jack Ladder’s covers, I did promise to write more about him then so here’s a good start.

The new track called Bravado would have to be his most straight up pop song ever, I guess. The totally brand new album is coming later this year, you know? A week or two ago on YouTube something called Off The Record popped-up, somewhat mockumentary starring some very big names like Jack Black, Mark Ronson, Mac DeMarco, Client Liaison, The Go-Betweens, Weyes Blood, Ladyhawke etc. Here that is below now for you to watch too!

So I think I’ve now decided I’m going to do a couple more blog posts over the next couple of days of my fave Kirin J Callinan moments over the years for anyone, everyone who’s interested in blogland, OK? Same bat-time, same bat-channel tomorrow!


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