Cover Versions: My 3 Fave Kirin J Callinan’s Covers

David Bowie’s I’m Deranged

k.d. lang’s Constant Craving (featuring Sophia Brous)

The Drones’ A Moat You Can Stand In

So after yesterday’s post of his new song plus with a new album coming later this year, I wanna highlighted some of Callinan’s older work and Sunday’s post is covers and my three faves he’s ever done. Starting at the top of this page with one of my fave David Bowie songs which was from the late 90’s David Lynch’s film Lost Highway. Then most likely k.d. lang’s biggest hit single ever, Kirin with Sophia Brous turning it into a duet. Then a pretty relaxing version of The Drones 2013’s punk rock anthem.

Australian Kirin.

Now I do most likely like covers way more than I should but just love it when artists do others artists songs and these three are prime samples of that. I don’t think really need to include the originals, you can google them yourself if you don’t know them or wanna heard them or whatever? So do you dig these three cover too?


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