1001 Albums Book: 1966

Well, this is part two on Easter Monday of listening to all those albums in that book. So after the last post of the year 1976 I’ve chose next skip back ten years for the next set of albums. In my tiny opinion the greatest album for the 1966 is Black Monk Time by The Monks but because I’ve already written about that album before here on my blog in my Classic Albums posts so I’ve picked out another album and it’s cover as the featured image, little more about it down the page but now without stuffing about too much, here goes!

Revolver by The Beatles: What do you say about this band that’s not been said before? I know all these songs without going out of you way to listen to them and this one could be the most celebrated by them, off course listen to it if you haven’t but if you wanna know my fave track is the closing Tomorrow Never Knows.

Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys: Do I just cut and paste what I wrote for Beatles? Maybe a little more daggy and not as cool as them but back to back listening I might just like this a little more but this album has them feeding goats on the cover so that’s got to be a plus. My fave song is Sloop John B.


Self-tilted by Fred Neil: I know his name mainly because he had something to do with one of my fave folk artists Karen Dalton, who’s missing from this book. I think I check him out after finding out about Dalton but didn’t like it as much as her and listening again confirmed that fact.

Fifth Dimension by The Byrds: I guess I should say I’ve never been the biggest fan of this type of hippie music and they’re a few to come on today’s list. Now I don’t really wanna bag the total shit of it here so I’ll just say it’s not my thing, OK?

Blonde On Blonde by Bob Dylan: I own this one myself and listen to it hundreds of times and do I need to say it’s one of his best? It’s his 60’s double album so does go on a bit but I don’t find a boring moment on it and got to link the whole thing here.

Black Monk Time by The Monks: I think personally I would rank this album the greatest of the whole decade of the sixties!

Face To Face by The Knicks: Sorry to say but this sounds a bit lame after the last record. Now looks like I’m got a lot of, can I just call it hippie shit?

If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Eyes by The Mamas & The Papas: Trying to say something positive about these LPs might be hard. On the album cover all four singer are all together in a bathtub fully clothed but no one is on the toilet.

Midnight Ride by Paul Revere & The Raiders: OK, I don’t mind some of these tracks with this jangly guitar sound but some are total waste of time. It’s got the original version of (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone too.

Freak Out! by The Mothers Of Invention: I’ve try out Frank Zappa before but never could do it and once again it not going to happen this time. I think I’ve listen this one before being this LP is the one everyone says is his best but my fave is Help I’m A Rock.

Aftermath by The Rolling Stones: I did read somewhere once that they wrote Paint It Black on their first Aussie tour because they were trapped inside hotel rooms watching the Vietnam war on the TV, is that true? Was that the same tour Marianne Faithfull od’d on? Anyway I love that song but it tops everything else on the album.

Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme by Simon & Garfunkel: It’s all very nice except track number nine, WTF was that BS? Anyway I could never could get into S&G and I think I should leave it at that.

The Psychedelic Sounds of by The 13th Floor Elevators: That’s more like it, my kind-of thing. I’ve check out more of Roky Erickson’s comeback stuff over the last few years or more. So only heard bits and pieces of his old band but should listen to this album sooner.

Self-titled by John Mayall’s Blues Breakers: This albums is most famous because the guitar player is Eric Clapton who’s reading a comic book on the cover. I’m not a fan and this has not changed my mind at all but I guess he’s good at it.

Roger The Engineer by The Yardbirds: This album is most famous because the guitar player is Jeff Beck who’s not reading a comic book on the cover. Once again I’m not a fan, it hasn’t changed my mind but he could be even better at it then Eric.

Wild Is The Wind by Nina Simone: Unbelievable this is it for Nina albums, after all these hippies this is breath of fresh air. She would for me one of the greatests so only having one album by her is wrong, recording albums from late 50’s to late 90’s is a very long career full of amazing songs/albums. I’ve got various comps and a few albums so I’ve already picked her 70’s Emergency Ward album in my CA posts.

Nina’s album cover for the one and only album she has in this book!

Just like the last year 76 I blogged about this year 66 is overflowing with even more white blokes/guitar players types but this time doing hippie shit music and I’ve got to question why so much of just this style but I guess it was the sixties. So I own and love two albums and I’ve kind-of found, enjoyed two more which I’ll listen to again plus a few more highlight tracks from some of these albums.

Now I can think of one more album off the top of my head which I’ve just got to add to my CA posts tomorrow with The Monks album that was released the same year but is missing from this book. They was two albums but for some reason I found another album under a totally different year so I’ll just included one at the moment, OK?

So how about you, dear reader? What’s your fave album/s of 1966?


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