1001 Albums Book: 1955 & 1956

Right, if you go back another ten years this is where this book starts in the year 1956. Oh well, it’s 1955 but because only one album is included from that year I’m putting them two years together in this one post for Wednesday.

Now off course music was around before these years but the reason they pick to start here is because it’s the birth of rock n’ roll which makes up a larger part of this book’s selection of the music but off course it’s counting a white man as inventing it. I really can’t believe it’s only mid-50’s and after because by doing this you are cutting out a huge and very import part of music that people reading and listening to this book are going to miss, history of music don’t begin with Presley and Sinatra!

In The Wee Small Hours by Frank Sinatra: Oh god, I do love this LP and have even included it in my own Classic Albums list already, it was the 12th one I wrote and it’s here.

Self-titled by Elvis Presley: That book tells me it’s pretty inconsistent and not the holy grail but off course you have to listen to this record. I’ve got a comp album called Early Elvis which pretty great double disc but it’s not my fave Elvis album. I’ll save it until a little later on sometime but my fave track from this would be One-sided Love Affair.

Tragic Songs Of Life by The Louvin Brothers: I do find it odd that Hank Williams is not in the book but you get these guys as the earliest C&W act. It does have In The Pines, later recorded under a different name by Nirvana as the last song the Unplugged album. This is giving me a headache, just like arena/classic rock of 76 and the hippies of 66 it’s all too much and could be the worst so far. Knoxville Girl was once a Cave/Bad Seeds b-side too so both covers are better than these ones.

The Wildest! by Louis Prima: This is pretty cool for mid-50’s music which I never listened to ever before but I don’t know if I would ever put it on again but fave track and maybe the wildest could be You Rascal You.

This Is Fats Domino! by Fat Domino: Now I think just looking at recording dates etc. Fats has got the biggest bid on creating rock n roll, if I was going give the title to just one it would be him. I did once have him on CD but it vanished at some stage, somewhere so it’s great listening to him again. I think it was always going to Domino as my fave from these albums but I’ve spotted a huge typo or whatever you call it? I’ve got the updated 2016 edition and you would think someone would have picked up on this big mistake by now. The album they are writing about is This Is Fats Domino! His third album but they have title of the album and the cover of his fifth album from the following year 1957 called This Is Fats almost same title but they’re two different records. Now I do know I’m a bit anal when it come to records but I do think this would confuses some readers and maybe even listen to the wrong album. I guess all his stuff from these early years is pretty great!

At Newport by Duke Ellington: I’ve never really check him out before and any big band swing style of music really but it’s all pretty nice but don’t think it’s a keeper, sorry Duke.

Songs For Swingin’ Lovers by Frank Sinatra: After saying how much I love Frank at the top page I really don’t like this one at all, these two records are like polar opposites.

The cover to This Is Fat Domino! The actually album they are talking about in this book so now the second mistake I’ve found in that book.

So not try to be a smarty pants again or something but I’ve got yet another album/artist to add to CA list tomorrow that’s not from this book.

So anyone, everyone what’s your fave mid-50’s album/artist?

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