1001 Albums Book: 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016

Now I’m skipping right to the end of the book to see how the story ends, well for the moment until the next updated, revised edition in a year or two. So this Saturday’s post is the selected newest music after a couple of days ago listening to the oldest music in it. Anyway because 2016 has only one album, 2015 has three, 2014 has three too and 2013 has five I’m adding it up to twelve albums all into one post, if I can count right?

Now I kind-of think it might be a bit too soon to tell what’s a great album from these years. As far as I can tell they do keep updating the book every year or two and pretty much chopping and changing the lastest years. So before they do update the book again I’m going listen to these albums now today for my post, some I’ve listen to before and I’ll say which ones below.

m b v by My Bloody Valentine: I’ve got to ask why? About this one because 1991’s Loveless album is included in the book. Yeah, it could be a little better than some other comeback albums of recent years but it seems totally pointless in 2013 and still does in 2017.

Yeezus by Kanye West: Oh my god, Black Skinhead is so unbelievable great but so much so than the rest of the album has a hard time keeping up really. I do think he’s make stronger whole albums, this is this third LP included in the book. I do love Kanye but I think I’ll talk more about him in another post sometime hopefully sooner than later.

The Next Day by David Bowie: I found both these two newish Bowie at my local library a few days ago so didn’t need to stream these albums and Black Star is by far the strongest work out of the two albums. My fave track from this one is Love Is Lost.

The Bones Of What You Believe by Chvrches: Boring, sorry to say I never liked them or could get into this one at all and you guess it still can’t.

Self-tilted by Beyoncé: My fave album of her’s is Number 4 album which was released just before this but for some reason I don’t remember ever listening to this one before today. It’s the one and only album here in the book by Beyoncé and since then she did release last year’s epic Lemonade album. After just one listen I wanted to listen to Rocket again.

1989 by Taylor Swift: Now I know this is made for teenage girls but love it and have my own copy too, the first of two albums listed here. I can’t see why a now 40 year old bloke can’t love this album? Maybe because I did started to listen to it after a big breakup, trying to relate to the women’s side of the story, life’s an endless cycle and music does make me feel free and happy etc. Not on spotify so everyone just sing Shake It Off!

LP1 by Fka Twigs: I’ve been wanting to listen to her whole debut album for a long time, only a song here and there but never have got around to it until now and I think I’ll be listen again and again and again etc. Really should have done before this, it’s pretty relaxing and very chill so if you haven’t like me not listen, it now comes highly recommended listening.

25 by Adele: The one and only album by her in the book too, you would think the 21 album would be the one to pick for something like this but I guess 25 is just as huge now. She can sing like a motherfucker, can’t she? But sorry it’s not my thing really.

Lost In The Dream by The War On Drugs: Yet again another boring band but I couldn’t get into these blokes at the time and still can’t.

Vulnicura by Bjork: Another breakup album and the second album I own on this list but off course it’s not as joyful as the other one. I do love Bjork but this album was a much harder listen and she does somehow make the music sounded so very painfully but my fave song is the closing Quicksand.

Music In Exile by Songhoy Blues: So I did get to see these guys live last year at the best festival I’ve ever been too, they were totally wicked live band but somehow never end up getting the album. So yet another highly recommend listen and you gonna see them live if you can, they’re like a total party on stage.

Black Star by David Bowie: Now this album in the book makes it Bowie’s ninth included in it which must be the most by one single artist. Anyway I did find this really hard to listen to last year but now I’ve listening to it a few times over the last few days and it’s pretty epic to say the very least. It’s most definitely better than The Next Day album released two years earlier and fitting final album, not that it’s stop the record company releasing more stuff since his passing away.

Personal note: I’ve got to get this album, my pick of all the records listed above.

Now as I’ve kind-of been doing of the last few blog posts like this, comparing this book to my own work in progress, the only two albums from these years I’ve included myself in CA pile are Sings Christmas Carols by Mark Kozelek and Bahdeni Nami by Omar Souleyman. I think I’m going to included only two more over the next couple of days, one from 2013 and another from 2014 and I’ll leave out the rest until much later sometime and see if they are or what then, OK?

So, I really want to know? Lovely readers what would be your fave album/s from these last few years now?

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