1001 Albums Book: 2005 & 2006

I might as well continue to do the ten year skip for part five of me listening to every album in that book tells me I just have to listen before you drop dead. I’m doing two year yet again because it’s only nine albums added up for both these years in the mid-2000’s. For 2005 only three records are in the book then six for 2006, I own two of these nine but somewhat remember almost all of these. So shut-up and get on with it!

Be by Common: So I only remember his name but not any of these songs. The book tells me Kanye is producer, this and the next rap album both have a West link. It’s pretty cool but I don’t know if I would listen again and after listening to it once nothing really jumps out at me too.

Coles Corner by Richard Hawley: Once again remember the name but for the life of me I can’t remember any of it. Today it seems really boring like he’s trying to do total 50’s throwback or something.

Illinois by Sufjan Stevens: This was a great idea at the time but this was the last of it, for an singer-songwriter to do albums about all the states of America. Stevens only did two with Michigan and this one but afterward just say it was “promotional gimmick.” This album is long 22 tracks later very, very, very long. My fave of all Sufjan would be Seven Swans which the album in-between those two state themed album, maybe will write about it one day. Highlight here would be a crazy ballad about serial killer who dressed up as a clown, John Wayne Gacy Jr which is an earlier track before maybe I got a little bored by all this.

Back To Black by Amy Winehouse: Her second and final album, you couldn’t go anywhere without Amy screaming Rehab at you in mid-2000’s but you skip forward five years and she passed away of alcohol poisoning or was it a broken heart? Now listening to it today it’s a very sad affair and I don’t think I could do this a lot, it would just too depressing. Maybe the saddest song here and my fave would be the title track.

Food & Liquor by Lupe Fiasco: It’s pretty cool album but they were right to have as the single as Kick Push because nothing can’t top it and still my pick from it too. Even after listening to the whole album I just wanted to listen to Kick Push again.

Fishscale by Ghostface Killah: Only listening to three rap albums so far from this book but can I call this one the best? The very first of I’m guessing of a lot of Wu-tang members you’ll come across if you listen to all these albums, not that’s a bad thing cause I love them all but I really can’t remember hearing this album before today and the best record from all the above albums so far.

Savane by Ali Farka Touré: Well, this is now the best but I’m really digging African music at the moment. I’ve already got a couple of his albums but not this one. I don’t think I’ve have listen to this one before too but it comes highly recommend to anyone, everyone who read this. It’s so brilliant guitar playing and really dig the how he sung his songs even if I have no idea what he’s singing about.

Ys by Joanna Newsom: So it’s these last two on list that I do own and are they the two most dramatically different? Listening to them back to back I do wonder if anyone else has both of them too? Someone else must because both were pretty huge on the indie scene at the time but maybe not the same target group. I don’t think Newsom ever sparts this album which was her second, she had two more but nothing came close to this epic genius.

Whatever People Say I Am That’s What I’m Not by Arctic Monkeys: Just like the last record did the Monkeys ever pasted this, well I think some did think the AM album did that job but I did think it was good album but not quite as great like this. Both Ys and Whatever seem to me very much of this time but maybe I should listen to them more now because they’re pretty great really and I haven’t listen to them for a real long while now.

The final solo album by this African giant is my pick of all the above albums. 

So that’s two I should listen to a bit more and two to maybe to get sometime out of nine albums. Inviting you back in the next couple of days to see my very own picks for these two years in music, same bat-time, bat-channel, bat-blog!



  1. Hawley’s second album ‘Late Night Final’ is phenomenal, but all his albums basically sound the same. Joanna Newsom: nothing sounds like her, really.

    I won’t get to any of these as the version I’m using is ancient – quite an interesting range though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I guess it’s down to personal opinion really. Oh yeah I got the brand new one with David Bowie on the cover, it’s the 2016 edition.


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