Playlist: My Mixtapes #1 See-through TDK 90 with nothing written on it!

So I’m starting yet another new project today and not posting what I did say I was going to yesterday so I’m postponing that until tomorrow, OK? Anyway I’ve wanted to do this for a while now and made a start today but I don’t know well I’ll go with it but this is a first one so it’s a beginning, if it’s the end as well only time will tell?

Now I have hundreds of these mixtapes, both cassette tapes and then CDrs from different times in my life. A while ago I did find my all the tapes which I did think I lost or something. I did start to listen to some but I think I’ll try a made a bit of record of them here on my blog and now make them into playlists. I also have recordable CDs too, which for about ten years I made every month at least one which I did have a big long list but have lost it on the last time I moved house so once again made some kind of list here. Well do hope to and try to do and if anyone else cares or want to have a listen to I guess that’s bonus!

First up is a totally lucky dip, it’s a clear see-through TDK 90 min. tape from god know when? Nothing write on the damn thing at all but they’re a lot like that. Put it into the tape deck and press play to listen to:

 Side A #1. Ani DiFranco – Hurricane

 Side A #2. Marianne Faithfull – Working Class Hero

Side A #3. The Breeders – Happiness Is A Warm Gun

Side A #4. PJ Harvey – One Time Too Many

Side A #5. PJ Harvey – Ballad Of The Soldier’s Wife

Side A #6. Beth Orton – I Love The Way You Love Me

Side A #7. Dirty Three – Lights Are Yellow And The Nights Are Slow

Side A #8. Jeff Buckley – Lost Highway

Side A #9. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Little Ghost Song

Side A #10. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Everything Must Converge 

Side A #11. Pearl Jam – Yellow Ledbetter

Side B #1. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Blues X Man

Side B #2. Yungchen Lhamo – Om Mani Padme Hung

Side B #3. Patti Smith – About A Boy

Side B #4. Radiohead – Fake Plastic Trees

Side B #5. Björk – Hyperballad 

Side B #6. Grandaddy – Yeah Is What We Had

Side B #7. Thea Gilmore – Mainstream

Side B #8. The Waifs – London Still 

Side B #9 Jeff Buckley – Mojo Pin

Side B #10. Jeff Buckley – Eternal Life

So I started to made it on spotify as a playlist but almost all these early tracks above are not on it but are all on youtube then when with every single clip if you don’t wanna listen all of them or do you? You can press play again. Almost all those songs but not everything seem to be some kind-of b-sides or songs on soundtracks or some kind-of comp album like the last song on Side A to Side B fifth track are all live recordings from Tibetan Freedom Concert triple CD which do still have somewhere. The first three songs are covers: Dylan, Lennon, The Beatles and a few more later too. The newish tracks here would Nick and his Bad Seeds in early 2000’s which seems amazing I’m still making them then. So I think this one might have been for my car which would still have a tape desk back then and I think it would be good driving mix, what do you think? I guess it’s a almost Friday night or late avo mix but I guess you might see it and be listening at a different time anyway?

Jeff’s on the mixtape three times so here’s him shrouded by those old fashioned things called CDs back in the 90’s. 

So does anyone out there have anything to say about my mixtape first post or any of the tracks on it?


  1. Nice idea. Oh the days of mix tapes/CDs!

    I found a list of a moody songs mix from about 10-15 years ago, remembering I’m about 20 years older than you I think:

    Buckleys Choice (aka Moody Songs 1)

    Tim Buckley Dolphins
    REM Everybody hurts
    Fariport Convention Who knows where the time goes
    Van Morrision Into the Mystic
    The Smiths I know its over
    David Crosby Laughing
    Ellen McIllwaine Underground River
    The Verve Bittersweet Symphony
    Tim Buckley I can’t chase the blues away
    Cowboy Junkies Blue Moon
    U2 All I want is you
    Beth Orton Sweetest decline
    Jeff Buckley So real
    Tim Buckley I must have been blind
    Joni Mitchell Woodstock
    Pearls Before Swine Snow Queen

    It usually chased the blues away.


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