Classic Albums: Late Registration by Kanye West

After much thinking about, stuffing about of what album to included from the year 2005, I’ve got it down to two but I can’t figure it out from there. So this is the very first of what is going to just have to be and I’ll do another CA posts over the next couple of days.

I can’t seem to cut it back anymore here’s part one with old Kanye and only his second album which follow pretty quickly, hot on the heels of his debut album College Dropout from the previous year. After a few years of not getting out an album, for some reasons I don’t really understand but record companies can be idiots and he did have a life threatening car crash too. He’s been a pretty amazing producer since early 2000’s but his own album was keep on postponed for two or three years so once the success of the first, I guess he could drop another so quickly.

Out of these three/four early albums I think it was the third one 2007’s Graduation thanks to the single Stronger that was the biggest and off course since then he’s had even bigger hits. When I think back of the mid-2000’s it’s this one, he seem to beat out all other American rappers of the time, it was pretty important times for rap music too. Here on my blog it comes as my only third rap album to be included my Classic Albums pile, after only DMX and M.I.A. so I know been a bit slack when it comes to that style of music but all these three are killer records.

My younger sister is more a rap fan and she was playing his debut album then and that was my little intro to West, it seems I’ve got a Japanese and Australian Tour edition which has a couple of bonus tracks on it. Nope, unfortunately I didn’t get to see him then. He’s tour twice since then but once didn’t come to Perth but if he ever comes again I’ve got to go, maybe I have to get my sister to come with us after she intro me. We traded burn discs back then too because she have didn’t it and I didn’t have the debut then.

I think this album might still be my fave album but 2010’s album called My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was pretty great too. Maybe I flip in between those two over time, both are pretty different from each other. Last year’s album The Life of Pablo was pretty good too. Rolling Stone mag is a fan with Late Registration named the best album of 2005 and later included it at number 118 on the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time too.

Now I know a lot of people don’t like him at all but I do wonder when people say they don’t like him or weather really they don’t know anything and are following along with the mass media we all hate Kanye deal. If they do know anything other than the mainstream press says about him or even listen to any albums/songs or it’s really easy to say I hate rap music too. Yeah, even ex-President Barack Obama called him a jackass. My opinion about his bad press, he does say shit people wouldn’t normally say or do but why do you want one of your fave rappers to be normal or saying boring shit all the time? He’s never boring, says what’s on his mind and if it backfires and the press blows it up into something else I’m like oh well, Kanye did it again. You know, why would you want any kind of edit or censorship with any rapper anyway, that’s what they do. Almost all the time it’s in the studio and then sold on records but West just does it anytime there a microphone in front of him, I think why not really?

So who else love Kanye? What’s your fave album/song?

Late Registration track listing and times:

1. Wake Up Mr. West – 0:41
2. Heard ‘Em Say – 3:24
3. Touch The Sky – 3:56
4. Gold Digger – 3:27
5. Skit #1 – 0:33
6. Drive Slow – 4:32
7. My Way Home – 1:43
8. Crack Music – 4:31
9. Roses – 4:05
10. Bring Me Down – 3:19
11. Addiction – 4:27
12. Skit #2 – 0:31
13. Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) – 3:53
14. We Major – 7:28
15. Skit #3 – 0:24
16. Hey Mama – 5:05
17. Celebration – 3:18
18. Skit #4 – 1:19
19. Gone – 5:33
20. Diamonds From Sierra Leone – 3:58
21. Late – 3:50


All my Classic Albums posts are in that link or they’re all linked below too!

So the idea here is simply for me to write a post about each of my fave albums that I consider total stone cold classics!

Please do leave a reply below and tell me what you think about this album and/or artist or whatever you’d like to say about it?

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