Playlist: My Mixtapes #2 Clear TDK 90 with a snicker of Rainbow Farm Rotorua New Zealand

Well, it’s part two already and yet another total lucky dip today but it’s a pretty mellow one for Sunday morning listening and blogging which is great.

So yeah, nothing is written on this one again but comes with a snicker of a cow and it says Rainbow Farm in Rotorua, New Zealand on the tape box. So at a guess maybe it was made for my walkman for a trip to New Zealand, I don’t think could have made it at Rainbow Farm or anywhere in NZ but I slapped the snicker on it while traveling around. A lot of family is in different parts of NZ so I was on bus going from one place to another visiting anyone if I remember right and I don’t remember anything about this farm at all. Googling it now it seems like it’s a farm with cows and stuff you find on a farm but opened to the public, must have have stopped at it for some mad reason?

 Anyway throw it into the tape deck and press play and listen to:

Side A #1. Morphine – The Night

Side A #2. Bluetile Lounge – GM.

Side A #3. Björk – All Is Full Of Love

Side A #4. Dirty Three – Hope

Side A #5. Sodastream – What A Lovely War

Side A #6. The Paradise Motel – Bad Light

Side A #7. Air – Playground Love

Side A #8. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere

Side B #1. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Nomadic Revery (All Around)

Side B #2. Tom Waits – Black Market Baby

Side B #3. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart 

Side B #4. Julee Cruise – Falling

 Side B #5. Bob Dylan – Not Dark Yet

Side B #6. Augie March – Asleep In Perfection

Side B #7. Jewel – You Were Meant For Me

Side B #8. Jeff Buckley – Last Goodbye

Side B #9. Tricky – Christiansands

Side B #10. Tendrils – Wednesday The 22nd 

Side B #11. Greg Perkins – Yellow Roses 

NOTE: This is the first track I can’t find on youtube or anywhere else on the internet. It’s actually Tex Perkins but for some reason going under his real name. It’s from a various artists comp album of cover songs which I’ve did already blogged about early this year, it was called Where Joy Kill Sorrow. Originally recorded by Hank Snow and written by Kenny Devine & Sam Nichols in the 50’s.

So they’re no doubles of any artist on this mixtape I’ve got with Warren Ellis image who plays violin in both Dirty Three and Bad Seeds. Here he is very young in the 90’s without his now famous beard.   

So it seems it’s most likely late 90’s mixtape which seems about right timing then for that trip to the land of the long white cloud. So with a few of the same artists on last one but no NZ artists. The most are Aussies but with some very huge oversea acts too. I guess I’m kind-of mixing it up. So what does anyone, everyone think about this mixtape?

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