Playlist: My Mixtapes #5 TDK 90 with liquid paper pen writing Mike Patton’s High Five

OK, this one is a little different today but I just saw what was written on it and had to have listen. I only have vaguely remember it but I’ve keep it all this time so I might as well blog about it now for my Wednesday’s post.

It’s Aussie triple J radio broadcast interview with Mike Patton which was on tour with Faith No More where he picks his own high five songs. Now if I was really smart I would just upload the whole bloody thing but I have no idea about those kind-of things. Anyway the idea of triple J’s High Five is 5 songs that changed your life.

So after the radio intro of the three FNM and how’s the tour going question we get Patton’s picks. I’ve now going to quote Mike’s best comments live on national radio from the mid-90’s:

“When ever I don’t want to think, I listen to pop music”

“What’s wrong with Take That, man?”

 “I was literally really constipated and this song came on MTV and it just loosen me right up”

“I’m going for a current change, I only want to go back a week or two”

“I don’t think it’s ever going to mean anything, he’s just some German goof ball and that’s why it’s so great”

Then the tracks played on this tape are:

Side A #1. Faith No More – Falling To Pieces

Side A #2. Faith No More – Midlife Crisis

Side A #3. Faith No More – Star AD

Side A #4. –Scatman John – I Am The Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop) 

Side A #5. Take That – Back for Good

Side A #6. Warren G – Regulate

Side A #7. Rednex – Old Pop In An Oak

Side A #8. Mark ‘Oh – Tears Don’t Lie

(AKA some German goof ball)


Side A #9. Faith No More – Crack Hitler

Then I seem to skip to almost the whole of Angel Dust album after that for the rest of the tape which is just below, if you wanted listen? I’ve got the song Crack Hitler as the last track on Side A and on Side B skip over Midlife Crisis because it’s on earlier off course but the tape cuts out before the album can finish anyway.

I hope anyone, everyone did enjoyed that like I enjoyed it?

Mike Patton back in the 90’s on the edge of a stage.

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