Wicked Songs: Susan by Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders

More new music today by Jack Ladder, after blogging about Jack’s couple of covers he’s done in the last year about a month or so ago and saying hoping he’s he’s got something new in the works, he’s drop a new track in the last 24 hours. It looks like it’s going to be a great year for Aussie indie music after all and a slow start. Jack’s also announcing Mel and Syd show in July and August, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a show on the west coast sometime soon. He’s playing solo shows overseas right now if you wanna check dates for UK and Europe, May and June they are right on his website so just click the link.

Susan by Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders credits are:

drums, percussion – Laurence Pike
electric bass, piano, synth – Donny Benet
guitars, bass VI, solina, synth programming, vox – Jack Ladder
electric guitar – Kirin J Callinan
backing vocals – Sarah Belkner, Ness Quinn

Jack’s not really said the new song Susan is from a forthcoming new album yet or anything but here’s hoping that’s happening too. It’s been a bit of a wait, his last album Playmates was out in 2014 but if you wanna heard it again or even hear it for the first time after listening to new Susan song, it’s just below for you.


Susan by Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders

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