Playlist: My Mixtapes #7 Clear Maxell 90 with no writing again!

Right it’s chapter seven today already of my novel of my younger self making mixtapes, it’s really amazing reading or I hope at least listening for anyone else? I should do some creative writing about this but it’s basically someone sitting around listening music in the 90’s. So anyway here’s this Friday’s post by me, enjoy!

The two opening songs are quite possible my two faves from both Dirty Three and Bad Seeds from their 90’s back catalogue. Amazing to think they’re now old songs but then they would have been pretty new then. Anyway it was only a matter of time when them were going to appear, it’s amazing it’s after seven mixtapes really. Along with more 90’s  music we do get some 70’s, 60’s stuff this time too.

Do you know what to do by now? Get the tape, put into deck and press play so you can heard these songs:

Side A #1. Dirty Three – Deep Waters

Side A #2. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Loom Of The Land

Side A #3. Tom Waits – Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard

Side A #4. Joy Division – Atrocity Exhibition

Side A #5. Them & Van Morrison – Baby Please Don’t Go

Side A #6. dEUS – Instant Street 

Side A #7. Barry Adamson – What It Means

Side A #8. Bob Dylan – Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat

Side B #1. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

Side B #2. Mr. Bungle – My Ass Is On Fire

Side B #3. Tricky, DJ Muggs & Grease – I Like The Girls

Side B #4. The Tigers – Smells Like Greek Spirit

Side B #5. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Dang

Side B #6. The Jesus Lizard – Nub

Side B #7. Ricance – Judy’s Fence

Side B #8. William S. Burroughs & The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy – Did I Ever Tell You About The Man That Taught His Asshole To Talk?

Side B #9. Mike Patton – A Lizard With The Skin Of The Moon

Side B #10. Patti Smith – Babelogue / Rock N Roll Nigger

Side B #11. The Young Gods – Pas Mal

Side B #12. Wu-Tang Clan – Tearz

Side B #13. Ministry – Brick Windows

Is anyone, everyone still enjoy these posts? Or have I gone a bit mad and non-stop with these posts and I should spread them out a bit more and maybe blog about few more things in between them? Or something? It might be the case because this is tape now jammed in my tape deck 😦 so what the hell am I going to do now?

Today we have both Patti Smith (top) and William S. Burroughs because both artists are on this mixtape and I was trying find two together from this mixtape and this is what I found.  

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