Playlist: My Mixtape #8 Grey TDK 90 with FREAK written on it

Back to my mixtapes again today, sorry but I can’t help myself. So Sunday’s post is yet another one for anyone who cares? It’s all 90’s rocking songs pretty much if you wanna some kind-of warning. It’s Sunday morning here and I think one of the very first ones of these set worked like a nice chill out Sunday mix but this one is not the total opposite but they’re a few mellow tracks. Like everyone of these mixtapes it’s pretty much a mystery before listening to them.

This one has one word in bold cap locks which is the first song for some reason. I don’t know or remember why I wrote that song title on it because I think always liked the second song by the same band more that the opening track. We get a couple doubles today which has already been on two tapes before but they’re or could be two fave songs from those bands, The Paradise Motel and You Am I. Almost all again are Aussie acts but to break it up a bit or something got NIN and FNM too. At a guess this one would have been made around 1996/97 because a lot of the tracks are from those years. It’s amazing it’s taken to part eight to have the more tracks by Nick Cave. He has four tracks on Side B, the last two from the X-Files soundtrack where you had to rewind the CD backwards before track one and all the credit on the albums says:

“Nick Cave & Dirty Three would like you to know that zero is also a number”

Side A #1. Silverchair – Freak

Side A #2. Silverchair – Cemetery

Side A #3. Nine Inch Nails – Piggy (Remix)

Side A #4. The Blackeyed Susans – Smokin’ Johnny Cash

Side A #5. The Paradise Motel – Bad Light

Side A #6. Dirty Three – Obvious Is Obvious

Side A #7. The Mark Of Cain – Battlesick

Side A #8. Sandpit – Drawing Straws

Side A #9. Something For Kate – Captain (Million Miles An Hour)

Side A #10. The Paradise Motel – Calling You

Side A #11. Something is there but it’s so faded or something I can only hear a tiny little bit of the singer. The Paradise Motel again but can’t tell what the hell the songs from this, I don’t know what’s going on and why it’s doing this for one maybe it wasn’t recorded onto the tape right in the first place? Or tapes going funny or something?

Side B #1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – (Are You) The One I’ve Been Waiting For?

Side B #2. Nick Cave & Dirty Three – Slivers (Live in London 1995)

Side B #3. Nick Cave & Dirty Three – Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Rivertentum

Side B #4 Nick Cave & Dirty Three – X-Files Theme

Side B #5. You Am I – Tuesday

Side B #6. Faith No More – Mouth To Mouth

Side B #7. Faith No More – Ashes To Ashes

Side B #8. Ricane – Born To Lose

Side B #9. Ricane – Run, Run, Run

OK, Ricane is pretty hard to find on youtube and they have been on my mixtapes posts before so here’s the whole EP on Bandcamp today. If you do buy any of their albums/EPs there all money goes to Australian Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. The two tracks above are lifted from the EP called Intore: The Cold Grey Rain.

Side B #10. The Mark Of Cain – Interloper (Remix)

Is anyone, everyone out there still enjoying these mixtapes? I guess I am which is the main thing, are you let me know please? Have you got a mixtape to share too? Feel free to leave a reply, OK?

Mid 90’s Cave with old American Murder Ballads book is the featured Image today.

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