Wicked Songs: Twist In The Dark by Gold Class

The Aussie band Gold Class dropped a new single Twist In The Dark a few days ago, I can’t keep up with all this new music at the moment. Plus Aussie and New Zealand tour dates and also it’s released on their own label, Barely Dressed and both this new single and album is produced by Gareth Liddiard from The Drones. A limited edition 12” with a remix by genre-destroying electro-visual duo Friendships. All Copies are shipped from Australia and you can order at goldclassbdr.bandcamp.com

Rarely has punk music been so danceable. Twist In The Dark sounds almost like an ancient call: pounding toms and bass that open into a churning guitar melody and Adam Curley’s booming and rhythmic voice. From its first eerie notes the track holds its breathless momentum until the final beat. Lead singer Curley states that with the song he wanted to “push everything further” and it certainly represents a giant leap forward from the band’s previous work in terms of sophistication, sonic clarity and hook after hook after hook.

Gold Class’ tour flyer with July dates
Twist In The Dark single artwork by Gold Class

So that’s got to be my Monday night blog post. I hope you enjoy it as much as me, do you like their new track?

Edit (2/7/17) Gold Class have in the last week put up a video for Twist In The Dark:

Plus the wicked remix by the Aussie dance music duo called friendships, all in lower case letters and which the video uses flashing imagery and may not be suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy. That’s kind-of funny because when I seen them live the bloke of the male/female duo got on the microphone asked the venue to stop using the strobe light because she has epilepsy.

The up coming new album now has a name: Drum pre-order here too!

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