New Music: Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood by Sun Kil Moon

OK, I’ll write a little something about this album today. Now that he’s (Mark Kozelek) got a even more brand new album which it arrived last week and he’s also announced yet another brand new album is coming out later on in the year too. I don’t know what been really said about this album, I don’t read reviews and I don’t really write reviews too but I’ve only looked at other bloggers blogging about it too.

Can I call it his total midlife crisis album? Just like Nick Cave’s Grinderman albums from about ten years ago which had to be done but were not the greatest things he’s done. Hopefully Mark will go on to greater things to but at this rate everyone will get sick and tired of this, it’s a double album with more filler on it than anything but I think that’s the point. His last year was fucked lyrics like diary is a bit much this time for me, I’ve loved both the first Jesu/Sun Kil Moon and Universal Themes albums from the last couple of years but with the now the music just as pretty much mainly bass and drums. It’s basically Mark as bass player and on keyboards too and then Steve Shelley on drum kit, it’s all very samey maybe because Mark wanted to play almost all the instruments which he don’t normally play. Remember how Cave played guitar for Grinderman so this album is a guitar player playing the opposite stuff. Last year was a bit of nitemare from anyone, everyone so does anyone need reminding it with a very long double album like this? It don’t seem as or very personal this time around like say with the Benji album from a few years ago now when he started this diary like stream of consciousness lyrics.

Anyway you can listen to the whole thing if you wanna but it does get a bit too much for me. Call me not a fan anymore or whatever but my choice cuts is The Highway Song on disc one and Early June Blues on disc two as by far the best tracks on it plus I still like the opening God Bless Ohio and I Love Portugal which both was release last year as tastes from the album. The Highway Song is kind-of his murder ballad but it’s more like a list of serial killers and Early June Blues is his I want to life forever type of song. So that’s cutting down a 16 track album to only four songs which might seem a bit hash, they’re a lot moments that are just OK but those four tracks are great parts of this album for me plus it has really boring moments that seem to last forever. Now I could say he could do with some editing but once again I think that’s what the somewhat point is. The never ending samey music and even the words but I’m putting it in this is OK album pile. I think I’m already digging Jesu/Sun Kil Moon second album better but I’ll save that until I’ve had few more listens. BTW the album cover artwork is a photo by Mark himself of water tanks where a body once was found from a hotel window where Mark was staying the night at.

So that’s my Tuesday blog, want do you think about this album yourself?



5 thoughts on “New Music: Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood by Sun Kil Moon

  1. Nice review: glad to see somebody agrees with my take on the album! Think you’re right that Kozelek was novel at first but he is moving ever closer to becoming a cartoon character of sorts – riding on the success of his unusual style one too many times. Also, God Bless Ohio – as you suggest – is a great track; shame it is a rarity on this album.

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    • Yeah, like he kind-of knows it’s not that great himself because of that line he sings almost at the end of the record “you might have already turned this song off” but because he’s turning 50 he just keeps going and going. Maybe it’s supposed to be some kind of test, will fans/people listen to me gibbering on forever about this shit?


      • I saw some music sites picking up on that line. I missed that so nice spot. That is a possibility that you wouldn’t put past Kozelek!
        Him and Father John Misty are both struggling with the same problem at the moment which is interesting.
        Really like your writing style and work so nice job!

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      • Cheers!
        Yet another line or two almost at the end again is “i gave it my best try i learned that i’m not a vague rock guy” and “i recorded vocals to this 70’s track can you tell i spent a really long time on the lyrics right i spent months on those thank you” it’s full of smart ass words or whatever they would be called?


      • Yeah his music is definitely based around a crude form of humour and a cynical worldview. If you like his lyrical work maybe check out Conor Oberst or Father John Misty. I did a review of each of their latest albums so you can even see which takes your fancy! 🙂 Let me know if you give them a go. They definitely match Kozelek on cynicism and dark humour.

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