1001 Albums Book: 1996

So if I wasn’t listening to too much 90’s music right now I’ll continue with the 10 year gap jump in this book project I’ll get to the mid-90’s. After only a small amount of albums from the previous years I’ve listen and already blog about, off course the 90’s is overflowing and I’m wonder why I decide to do it by years? Just 1996 has 20 plus albums to listen too before you die.

As you can tell if your reading or listening to those mixtape posts, I was listening to some of the same but a lot of different music at the time, only a few of these I like at the time and now own. A lot of this I considered overrated rubbish even The Bad Seeds album was so hyped at the time, if you remember but out of all these albums I wouldn’t pick anything else. Anyway I’ll listen to all of them again over the last few days.

Dust by Screaming Trees: I did see these guys live at one of the Big Day Out fest around this time and they destroy their drum kit at the end of the set as the Aussie summer avo sun poured down on them. Sweet Oblivion album from four year earlier was a much stronger album and this was the final one before the big break-up and I think you can kind-off tell by listen to this, it’s like band on the last legs. Mark Lanegan had already started his solo career by this stage to which those first couple of early albums are masterpieces in my opinion. Not surprising the best song here is called Dying Days.

Fuzzy Logic by Super Furry Animals: I always think this band is just one of hundreds in UK that were so overrated at the time and listening now it’s not changing my mind. Maybe should just go in the ever growing not my thing pile, I gave up after track eight because it all sounds the same to me.

Better Living Through Chemistry by Fatboy Slim: This is more like it, I totally love rave music or whatever you call this? Another one I did see at the Big Day Out fest back in the 90’s, I think I pasted up the headlining rock act that year. Had to go into the Boiler Room, that’s what they called the big tent where all the DJs and Electronic acts played. He was brilliant of what I remember but was totally drunk by that time so dance like there was no tomorrow!

Dr. Octagonecologyst by by Dr. Octagon: The first album I own. It’s really a rapper called Kool Keith going under another name from some reason. I hate this when it came out because I just thought it was just stupid but I totally love it now so how things do change sometimes and think it’s one of the greatest rap album ever, just totally ridiculous rhymes ever. Album not on spotify so here’s the track called Halfsharkalligatorhalfman.

Emperor Tomato Ketchup by Stereolab: First French act in this book I’ve came across but once again never, ever my thing but not as bad as some of the over hyped UK acts in this book featuring this year. It’s all beeping and fuzzy sounding music and The Noise Of Carpet is my stand out track.

 Millions Now Living Will Never Die by Tortoise: The only post-rock to be included for this year in this book, I think could name better ones from around this time. I did see these guys co-headline a festival once not the Big Day Out but I was a little disappointed and again listen here to this album I am again. Not that’s it’s really bad but I think other bands did greater post-rock albums, it’s just OK but nothing really jumps out at me.

Odelay by Beck: This is gotta be one of Beck’s most well known albums but I haven’t listen to it for years and years, it’s not bad too. My highlight from this album is Jack-Ass, maybe just for the fact it’s got a donkey at the end of the song.

Tigermilk by Belle & Sebastian: There is an little known Aussie band called Sodastream which always is compared to this band but if you don’t mind me roll reverse, say and pointing out here they have been around just as long maybe longer as them and Sodastream are better too.

Endtroducing by DJ Shadow: It’s the chili out beats album that everyone talks about, it’s OK but it’s more throwback to the heyday of rap music in the 80’s that anything thing really new for the time.

Beautiful Freak by Eels: I had another freak song the other day on my mixtape, they like that stuff like that in the mid-90’s but it’s not my thing again.

Casanova by The Divine Comedy: This is awful, why does anyone need to listen to this? The book says some shit while britpop was going on, this was also happening in the UK too. So fuckin’ what, it’s some kind-of early sixties throwback rubbish. I gave up after a song called The Frog Princess, WTF was that? I’ll happily name it worst album of this year!

Tidal by Fiona Apple: The second album I own but always think Apple when on to better things on her next three albums. This is the only album of hers in the book but could be better that most stuff selected for the year. Guess which album I’m going to pick for my CA posts?

Being There by Wilco: Double album and I could never get into them, way to country and western for me. I did enjoy the opening track Misunderstood before it all got too much and really long but I did make it to the end of the record so it’s not all bad. I guess I can see why people love this band but it’s just not my thing.

Roots by Sepultura: The third album I own and the very big break record that pretty much ended the band. Well, it didn’t really because singer Max quit and left, they just got a new singer but it wasn’t really the same band. Guess which album I’m going to pick for my CA posts?

Oedipus Schmoedipus by Barry Adamson: Why don’t I have any Barry? Jarvis Cocker sung the opening song and Nick Cave is on the second last track. It is totally wicked, highly recommend!

Come Find Yourself by Fun Lovin’ Criminals: This is that US rock/rap thing that was huge at the time but I don’t think anyone needs to listen to it now.

Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite by Maxwell: This is like the very first 90’s one I don’t remember at all and it’s pretty cool for what it is, soul and funky but somehow I don’t think I’ll be listening again.

Tellin’ Stories by The Charlatans: Another boring UK act.

Everything Must Go by Manic Street Preachers: Another boring UK act.

Walking Wounded by Everything But The Girl: Another boring UK act.

Murder Ballads by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Thank god for that, if I didn’t think Cave was a genius already I would now after that rubbish. Bad Seeds played the Big Day Out fest that year, what better way to watch them while the sun when down too.

Logical Progression by L.T.J. Bukem: So unlike say rock music there is only a little bit of dance, techno, rave, whatever you want to call it? I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I fuckin’ love it!

Second Toughest In The Infants by Underworld: Like I just said just above, I guess one reason if you want one is that it really reminds me of the 90’s. Both these two are bloody great too!

Now I Got Worry by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion: These guys did better albums than this one, it’s pretty cool and everything but guess which album I’m going to pick for my CA posts? On an Aussie tour JSBX appear live on weekend morning TV and this is what happened, if you never seen this please press play but it’s your lost if you don’t because this is insane!

First Band On The Moon by The Cardigans: They had a huge hit single called Lovefool at the time but the whole thing is a bit boring.

Antichrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson: He had a huge hit single called Beautiful People at the time but the whole thing is a bit silly.

The Score by Fugees: They had a huge hit single called Killing Me Softly With His Song at the time but the whole thing is a bit boring.

1977 by Ash: Yet another shit UK act.

If You’re Feeling Sinister by Belle & Sebastian: The second album in one year and in this book, didn’t dig this as well.

 My picks for CA from 1996 so far are Where Joy Kills Sorrow, Trailer Park and Trainspotting plus I think can think of a few more I wanna add to it but I’m going to skip that for now and go back to 1986, OK?

Off course it’s down to personal taste and everyone’s is totally different. So I’ve got to ask what’s your fave albums/songs from 1996?

The greatest album in this book from 1996!


  1. Jon Spencer opened for The Beastie Boys at a gig back in the day – and they were both amazing! I disagree with you about both the Manics and Wilco – another pair of astonishing live acts and Everything Must Go is one of the key 90s albums!

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  2. Soooo many shit U.K, acts lol. Ironically I’m listening to some of the top Australian acts from 1996 right now. On my playlist are Peter Andre, Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham, Savage Garden, Human Nature and Gina G.

    “Everything Must Go” by The Manic Street Preachers is an astonishing achievement considering that chief songwriter Richey Edwards had gone missing. “Australia” from the album, is bass player Nicky Wire’s stunning lament to the loss of Edwards.

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    1. OK, I might be completely biased when it comes to 90’s music because that’s when I was growing up or whatever you call it? All those Aussie acts you just name above are total mainstream rubbish and total shit as well so maybe I might just have to add the great Aussie albums from that year to my Classic Album posts even if I said I was just going to skip to 86, would you like that?

      I did try to like MSP, I think I still have those two Richey LP but I haven’t even listen those for years and it was a totally different band after that off course. I think they did play a Big Day Out fest one year but all I remember they just bitch and moan about how hot it was.

      When I start this 1001 albums I knew I was going to have to say something about stuff I didn’t like much so maybe next I’ll just say not my cup of tea in an English accent.

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  3. I’m so disappointed you don’t rate Super Furry Animals OR Eels! Two of my all-time favourites. For both bands you have to ignore the fact all of their albums do include a few fillers. SFA are great live and Eels did some great radio shows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lPO69O1xN8 . Eels are better live as their studio albums tend to be very over-produced.

    Mwng by Super Furry Animals is also great but a lot of people refuse to listen to foreign language albums. Gruff Rhys (frontman) has some great albums too. If you’re interested in finding their good stuff I could make you a list/playlist? Got to change your opinion on those!

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    1. OK, why not? I’ve never seen them live so maybe that would do it but a playlist would be cool and if you are fan you’ll know it better than me. Just hit play on youtube too!

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      1. I’ll check out your recommendations on here as soon as I’m near my speakers and let you know what I think.
        Is Spotify okay for you or not?

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      2. No rush, it’s cool and after a few beers now I’m enjoy this youtube thingy you link before so whenever is fine by me. Cheers again!


      3. Cool! Will notify you when it’s done. Hopefully you like the Eels vid. Because it’s stripped back it suits his voice more I think. Let me know what you think.

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      1. Dude, I can’t love everything! Do you love every single album in the whole book? Even if it’s indie rock from the 90’s it’s just I can’t get into it! Sorry man, no I’m NOT sorry! If you dig it that’s cool by me, you know? Everyone has diff taste, you know? It’s my blog and just saying what I’m thinking after a listen!
        Cheers for adding and joining in toooo! That’s COOL! 🙂


  4. I have to agree with you about the whole UK thing. Brit-pop and everything that came in its wake just left me fucking cold. Could never understand the love for that stuff. I also can’t get into Wilco, even though my wife and I used the song On and On and On as our bridal waltz. Love some of their songs but can’t get into their albums.

    Damn, 1996 was an amazing year for music. My faves in the book list are Dust (but yeah, Sweet Oblivion is better), Odelay, Dr. Octagonecologyst, Endtroducing, Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Roots, Oedipus Schmoedipus, Now I Got Worry and Antichrist Superstar. I’d also have to add Dirty Three’s Horse Stories, Magic Dirt’s Friends in Danger and Regurgitator’s Tu-Plang from the Aussies, and Brainiac’s Hissing Prigs in Static Couture, Turbonegro’s Ass Cobra, and Sun City Girls’ Dante’s Disneyland Inferno from those other countries.

    Also, I know it’s not considered cool, but I absolutely love Tiny Music by Stone Temple Pilots. One of my favourite albums of all time, no joke.

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    1. Yeah, it was a great year! I did add 3 Aussie albums and 1 Euro to my classic albums list like posts after this and one was the Reg and then dEUS, You Am I and Ricaine but those were my last of those posts, I haven’t done any since then. Did you like those posts? and should they make a bit of a comeback?
      I know D3 and MD very well but I’ll have to listen to all those others you’re talking because I need to remind myself of them but I did have Plush by STP on last night but I don’t know that album at all, I’ll have a listen to all of them again!
      Any new blog posts for youself in the works?


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